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4th May 2015


I just love being a part of the Urban Jungle Bloggers community – I get to feed my obsession for collecting plants along with likeminded friends, you know, we kind of egg each other on. And it’s a healthy habit…perhaps not so much on the bank account but most definitely for the spirits. So it was a brilliant surprise to find that this month’s topic was to offer a friend a plant, it could be in the form of a May Day posy, introducing a friend to a new variety for the windowsill or perhaps a pot of herbs for the kitchen. I for one could not wait!

You’ll forgive me if my contribution is somewhat cryptic, but my gift has yet to reach its recipient and I wouldn’t want to give too much away in case they’re reading…


Recently, this friend of mine has helped me realise a couple of dreams (more on this soon, promise) and has been a brilliant support. So I’d had it in mind to send a gift for a while now as a way of a thank you and, knowing how much they love plants and handcrafted pieces of pottery it was obvious what to send. There was only one place I could go too, the Aylesford Pottery, just a ten minute drive from our home. I took the children with me and both were on their best behaviour as we watched a potter bring to life a vase from a simple lump of clay on his wheel and chose two beautiful pieces to take home.


The plants are, unfortunately, only a virtual offering as after much research I discovered that sending plants to other European countries isn’t allowed…so let’s just imagine they are. The cactus made me giggle. For obvious reasons. Don’t make me explain. And I think the other is a type of Aloe, or possibly a Jade. I chose them simply for their shape and vibrant colour, the cactus promising to bloom at some point soon.



Made by my ridiculously talented friends across the pond in Baltimore, Jolly Edition who produce the most beautiful illustrated stationery, this sweet little Grey and White Herbs card will accompany the pots on their journey across the English Channel. Ooops. There’s another hint.


By the time you read this, these beautiful, hand-thrown pots will be on their way to be home to two lucky plants chosen by my friend. Thank you. 

If you’d like to take part or find out more, check out the Urban Jungle Bloggers community or follow #urbanjunglebloggers on your social media.


What a wonderful post Tiffany and that first pic is hilarious, it made me laugh!!! Thanks for that:-))) P.S. the plant pots are super cute!

Always happy to provide the entertainment Igor 😉 xx

Hihi their shape made me laugh too! And are you sure you cannot send plants to other European countries? Is that some kind of UK law? I know I imported 80 babies last October (by Eurostar)… 😉 but I would not take the risk of these getting destroyed at customs, way too precious! Thank you for sharing your beautiful green gift idea with us, Tiffany! Wonderful to see how those planters are made!

Hey Judith! Yes, Royal Mail presented me with a long list of prohibited items and plant/soil matter was on it. Really peeved as I know it can be done. Perhaps it’s different if you travel with them? I have two of those plant babies you brought over, they’re very happy 🙂 xx