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25th May 2015


Yes! to this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers topic – show your plant gang! Last month I shot a huge collection of my plants on our Ercol dresser and was blown away by how insanely, gobsmackingly beautiful they all looked that I really didn’t need much encouragement to do it again! So here is 80% of my plant collection. I love how versatile an old folding ladder can be for displaying (and…eh hem…curating) meaningful pieces in the home. Amazingly, this set was in the garage when we moved in and I’ve been itching to use them for something. We don’t have room to keep them out permanently (the set-up was done in our dining space) so I enjoyed having an hour or so to play with them. Using a simple white backdrop and natural jute flooring I focused on the shapes and shades coming from the plants and built up.


This Boston fern very nearly didn’t make it so I’m chuffed to see it centre stage, larger than life. Originally I’d bought it for my workspace but as the light in the room is so bright and concentrated it didn’t take long to start showing signs of fading. Needless to say I moved it out quick and relocated it to the porch which has a softer, defused light which it loves. I don’t like to lose. Can you tell?


Mosey loved his temporary jungle.


The Peperomia normally sits on the shelf in my workspace and as I’d hoped has started to trail and soften up some of the lines a little. Trailers are ideal for suspending from the ceiling too. This one is a guaranteed winner if you’ve plenty of light.


This is Marvin (as in Gaye) who I rescued from a shop almost a year ago. He was just 5ft when I brought him home and is pushing 6.5ft now. I love him, such a gentle giant.


And this is Tammi (as in Terrell) who normally sits opposite Marvin either side of the French doors. I like to think they sing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough‘ but who knows…


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Photography & Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley 

What an incredible plant gang, Tiffany. Now this deserves definitely the term Urban Jungle!! Wow! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Thanks Igor, what an honour 🙂 I wanted to leave it all set up there and pitch a tent! Such a shame to have to put them all back in their places. x

I adore your styling and I’m very jealous of your cheese plant!

Thank you very much, I bought it from a supermarket as a tiny little thing!

er, WOW! So lovely to see them all so beautifully pulled together xxx

Thank you gorgeous 🙂 xx

Hahahaha I have a few songs stuck in my head now, Tiffany 😉 What an amazing lush plant gang, all gathered in your dining area! Oh and little question: how do you keep Mosey from eating your plants? We have 3 black & white ones like yours and unfortunately they love nibbling on leaves. All leafy plants are now in cat-safe areas, but I wish I could have my fig trees in our living room… Thank you for the beautiful inspiration again, Tiffany!

Hey Judith! Amazingly Moesy doesn’t actually chew any of the plants, the only one he had a penchant for was a small parlour palm (which subsequently died as there was nothing left of it)! I know there are things you can do like adding citrus scents to pots to keep cats away…no idea if they work though? I’m with you on the fiddle leaf! xx

Wow, amazed and inspired by your jungle! I especially love your Monstera and the succulents, but they all look great and super green and healthy.
Shame you cannot leave the ladder open like that full of green. It’s a lovely jungle

Thank you Stefania! x

Thank you Barbara, loving the name of your website, off to check it out!

I love the way you have styled your plant gang and those succulents are gorgeous…..

Hi, I’m wondering if you could tell me what type of plant Tammi is? I would love to buy one for my own space!

Thank you!

Hi Eve, yes, she’s a Monstera Deliciosa, more commonly known as a Swiss Cheese plant. They love bright light, but not too direct and they are quiet prolific growers once they’re happy. Enjoy plant hunting!

Le scrivo in italiano e le faccio i miei complimenti per l’ ambientazione.l’ eleganza con la quale le piante sono disposte.bellissimo

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