A Coastal Retreat / The Printworks Hastings

18th February 2015

The Printworks Hastings B&B Curate and Display Blog3

We ran away to Hastings for 24 hours on Sunday. Just the two of us, celebrating ten years together and leaving the kids in the capable hands of my mum and sister. Having spent numerous months trying to find time to get away, me being pernickety about the style of accommodation (it’s an occupational hazard) and realising that Paris might just have to wait until next year, we settled on staying close by. Then I fell in love with an incredible space in Hastings just off the seafront. We spent Sunday to Monday indulging in copious amounts of rich food, luxuriating in deep baths and lounging in robes. Bliss…

The Printworks Hastings B&B Curate and Display Blog6

I make no apology for the following bombardment of photos-this place was insanely beautiful. I mean. Insane. Be prepared for this Grade II gem of a building with its stripped back interiors, industrial/eclectic style and wall-to-wall vintage furniture. Situated over two floors of the former offices of the St Leonards & Hastings Gazette, The Printworks is lovingly run by Lorna Lloyd, a ceramicist and photographer and her husband and film editor Bryan Dyke. At the bottom of the building, their son Ed runs homeware and pick ‘n’ mix lighting store Dyke & Dean and above that are artists studios. It’s a place of real creativity and family endeavour.

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The B&B currently hosts two rooms at the top of the building-The Gutenburg which is a small double room with bathroom on a landing and The Caxton, a large suite with private bathroom which is where we stayed. The photos I’m sharing today are of the shared dining room which is the first floor you encounter when you arrive at the B&B. It’s thought that this space was offices before it became a storage area for the newspaper. Aren’t the exposed walls stunning? If only they could talk…

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Lorna has collected the majority of the furniture over the years, some from the numerous antique shops in Hastings Old Town, others have more of a story. The sofa was given by a friend who had it shipped back from New York but couldn’t fit it into her home and the two banks of grey storage units came from Central Television and housed the Crossroads costumes. I can just about remember Crossroads! What we loved most about being here was feeling completely at home and free to explore.

The Printworks Hastings B&B Curate and Display Blog

The Printworks Hastings B&B Curate and Display Blog2

Follow Our Steps In Hastings

Eat: For a laid back, buzzing atmosphere, try Dragon Bar. The food is great and plentiful. Oh and the Havana Mojitos are dangerous…

Stay: The Printworks of course-where else?!

Explore: Hastings Old Town for antique and curiosity shops-my favourite was Butlers Emporium. Take a wander on the seafront and find your way down to the Jerwood Gallery, the Net Huts, Cliff railway and the Fishermen’s Museum.

We had a really special time here together, just us on our own, no “mummy, I want…” or tantrums or rushing around. A little space and time to think always does the world of good and I couldn’t think of a better place than here to do that, could you?


wow wow wow-couldn’t be more perfect! Cxx

Oh Caroline…it was just gorgeous-and perfect shoot material! x

It’s such a beautiful town isn’t it? And I love that it’s a little rough around the edges, like Rochester, gives it real character. We didn’t eat at Butler’s (I didn’t know you could) but it’s a seriously gorgeous shop isn’t it? Just the building is enough of a reason to go in. Don’t we just have great taste? 😉 x