A Nina+Co Coffee Break

22nd February 2016


With busy work schedules between us and daily family life buzzing away we’ve both learned to grab the odd coffee break together during the week. Sometimes it’s stood in the kitchen having a quick catch-up, others we might manage it at the table, but it’s always stove top and in our favourite beakers. Learning to embrace slow living isn’t about lounging around in bed all day (although hello, yes please…) it’s about actively putting time aside to do the things you love. For us, that’s making coffee, the ritual of grinding the beans (we buy small batches from Pact) building up the Stove Top, warming through the milk, drinking in the smell of the coffee as it pulls through. It’s only a small thing, but it matters to us.

Over the weekend, I baked us a batch of fresh cardamom buns and busted out our beautiful Nina+Co espresso cups from her new Breakfast Collection. Made in collaboration with designer-maker studio The Ceramicists, the collection which includes bowls, plates and larger mugs is designed in a gloriously tactile matte black ceramic, part glazed in white leaving a subtle contrast in texture. Very hard to put down. The shape of the handle is unusual too, don’t you think?

Nina is a multi-disciplinary designer, with a grounding in hotel and restaurant design, she also works on community based projects such as a new cafe due to open at Centrepoint, the charity for homelessness. Sustainability is high on her list of considerations using natural materials whether it’s for a piece of furniture or a public space.

Coffee Break in Nina+Co Breakfast Collection espresso cups in grey and cool blue






Ready to take your coffee break to the next level? I’ve put together a collection of accessories from my shop, from brewers to magazines. Enjoy…

Find Nina+Co ceramics to purchase direct here.
Photography & Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley



Beautiful images and styling x
I too am a coffee addict, with a love for craftsmanship and ceramics these mini cups look like a perfect addition to the morning ritual. x

One day we’ll manage to get together for a proper coffee Han. x

They remind me of the moon for some reason. I’d love a herbal cuppa out of one

Yes Maxine-never thought of that but now you say it, they do look kind of moony! x

Lovely mugs Tiff. Ermm, can I come round for coffee? x

Yes Carole-let’s have a catch-up! x

This is all so wondrously beautiful and calming. The cups are a gorgeous design x

I wish it could be like this all the time Katy, but it’s extra special when we manage to stop for more than a few minutes 🙂 x

Very nice mugs, beautifully styled, and the buns look tasty too.

Those buns look very nice, I love just to chill out and have a slow day now and again. Doing just what you want. Your photo styling is beautiful.

The buns taste even better with good coffee! x

Those cups are beautiful and you make me want to have a complete clear out of my home and create a peaceful oasis for myself. I feel a whole lot calmer just from looking at your photographs.

Thank you Rachel, that’s lovely to hear 🙂 x

ooh am liking thsoe cups!

Beautiful styling, I really believe in stopping for a moment when you have a coffee or tea, to appreciate the moment and pause, rather than knocking it back and moving onto the next thing, you set the scene perfectly X

Thanks lovely Cate, I think it’s completely necessary sometimes, especially given that “we” spend so much time rushing around all the time! x

Lovely styling Tiff, and such beautiful mugs, I’m in love with those handles.

Beautiful photos and those mugs are just gorgeous.

The cups are going direct to my must-have list. What a design!

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