[AD] CH24 Wishbone Chair in 2020 Limited Edition Navy Blue

2nd April 2020

[Advertisement – this is a paid partnership with Carl Hansen & Søn]

The limited edition CH24 Wishbone chair in navy blue lacquer, designed by Hans J. Wegner inside a warm, minimal workspace with limewashed walls and white floorboards.

Without realising, blue has slowly become a key colour in our home – I find it so soothing and meditative to be around. So when I saw that the newest edition of the CH24 Wishbone chair was to have a navy blue update, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect colour for one of Scandinavia’s best-loved designs.

Originally designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949 for Carl Hansen & Søn, the CH24 Wishbone chair has been in constant production since 1950. A universal favourite, chances are you’ll recognise its iconic shape even if you don’t know it by name. As one out of nearly 500 creations over Wegner’s lifetime, its distinctly recognisable ‘wishbone’ shaped back has become a hallmark example of Danish modernist design. I adore it.

The back view of the 2020 limited edition CH24 Wishbone chair from Carl Hansen & Søn styled at a light beech wood desk in a minimal home workspace.
A detail shot of the woven paper cord seat of the CH24 Wishbone chair with glossy Navy blue finish.

On the 106th anniversary of the Wegner’s birth, as they do every year, Carl Hansen & Søn have released another birthday edition.

For 2020, my design heroine Ilse Crawford and her London-based practice StudioIlse were given the honour of the collaboration. The result is a high gloss navy blue lacquer frame with its traditional woven paper cord seat, drawing on Wegner’s long time fascination with Asian craft and culture.

A warm, minimalist home office with limewashed walls and an inky blue Hans J. Wegner Wishbone chair.

“The blue refers to the color, which has been so much a part of Chinese culture: from the blue and white china that obsessed the world for so many centuries, to the dark blue of indigo textiles, while the high gloss finish references the traditional Chinese lacquer finish.”

Ilse Crawford, StudioIlse
A moodboard collection of blue Iittala glassware and ceramics minimally styled on a pale beech table.

The Wishbone chair stands as a symbol of Wegner’s respect for the purity of wood and its simplistic nature. I love the contrast between the seat, woven from 395 feet of paper cord, and its inky blue frame. It’s such an expressive piece for furniture which has the ability to change its tone throughout the day depending on where in the house it sits.

And at a time where the minimal world of Nordic design is blending with Japanese cultural identity, it represents our need for comfort, craftsmanship and longevity in our homes.

A pale and moody home workspace with limewashed walls and white painted floorboards with the 2020 limited edition CH24 Wishbone chair in navy blue.
A close-up of the 2020 Wishbone chair from Carl Hansen & Søn in collaboration with Ilse Crawford, inside a warm, Nordic style workspace.
A simple collection of blue swatches and ceramics sitting on top of the paper cord seat of a Carl Hansen & Søn wooden chair.
A detail of the brass plate inside the frame of the limited edition 2020 CH24 Wishbone chair in high gloss navy, designed by Hans J. Wegner.

The navy blue CH24 Wishbone chair is available to purchase from 2nd to 30th of April. It and comes with a small engraved brass plate featuring Hans J. Wegner’s signature and date of birth and certification of authenticity.

A minimalist scene with a navy blue Hans J.Wegner chair in front of off-white linen curtains and a framed image of weathered blue doors.
A side profile of the new limited edition 2020 Wishbone chair styled within a warm and minimal, Scandinavian style home work space.

Photography and styling by Tiffany Grant-Riley.


Beautiful photos and styling! The glossy blue looks stunning against the textured beige walls

Thanks Abi, I’m head-over-heels in love with it!

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