Beautiful Details From The Home Of Charles Darwin

12th September 2014

One of my favourite pastimes is getting lost within the old walls of an historical house or home, imagining the former owners going about their daily lives and, just for a few moments, imaging that I too lived there. I’ve been doing it since early childhood and we encourage our two children, about to turn one and four within two weeks of each other, to do the same. It’s magical, don’t you think?

Down House Charles Darwin Hallway

Last weekend we made a break for freedom with the kids to Down House, the home of Charles Darwin, not far from us in Kent. I love this house for the way that Darwin used it as an integral part of his life’s work-from studying his own family, his years of relentless research and cataloguing in his beautiful study, to the gardens, greenhouse, fields and beyond. It was a house to be lived in. So I captured some of my favourite details from inside the house to share with you. I took so many of the gardens as well but thought I should keep it sweet for the purpose of your sanity. Ha!

Down House Charles Darwin Living Room Portrait

If you read my recent post about styling oil portraits in your home, you’ll understand why I loved these two portly gentlemen hanging with an air of self importance in the dining room. And if I’d bothered to wander around like a numpty with an electronic guide in my ear I could’ve told you who they were. Sorry.

Down House Charles Darwin Portrait2 Dining Room

Down House Charles Darwin Living Room

The living room or parlour. Glorious wall to wall blue floral paper, dark wood furniture key to the Victorian era and touches of blue crockery and seating to tie it all in. I think the peacock feathers make it.

Down House Charles Darwin Conservatory

Couldn’t resist adding in this shot of the conservatory, with its wicker seating, lush tropical planting and mosaic tile flooring. Oh, and the coral pink window frames. I’d be content to potter around here once or twice a day, tending to my plants and soaking up the warm sun. Wouldn’t you?


Yes, the wallpaper is too much, but fashionable for its time. I did get some odd looks getting shots of those portraits, but who cares?! x

It looks great, especially the consevatory. I wanted to visit this place for a while now so now I just have to go there!
if you like places like this, I can recommend Batemans, Kipling’s home. I went there few weeks ago and it was great- lovely old (Jacobean?) house and garden.
PS. I just discovered your blog and can’t stop reading…

Hi Agatha! Thank you for the recommendation, I must look up Batemans. Another fabulous favourite of mine is Eltham Palace-I love the art deco wing that the Courtauld family lived in. Divine. Thank you for stopping by! x

These pictures are gorgeous! It’s only up the road from me but I’ve never been, must make a trip there soon – thanks for the post

Thanks for stopping by Laura, it’s such a beautiful house, really is a must! x