Behomm / Home Exchange For Creatives

29th September 2016
Behomm home exchange for creative professionals, Oslo home of graphic designer ©Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Experience Oslo in the home of a graphic designer.

September in our house always equates to the start of school and birthdays month (no one cares about the London Design Festival apart from me) and by this time of year I’m really yearning for a holiday. Whilst home exchange schemes are nothing new, there has been somewhat of a gap when it comes to finding a home and family you can swap with who share your creative background and a passion for design. Until now, anyway.

Behomm (that’s “be home”) was launched in 2013 by Augst Juste and Eva Calduch based in Barcelona. Both graphic designers, they felt there was something missing from their holiday experience, and so they created a new platform which hosts over 1,900 members and 59 countries to choose from. It’s the home exchange community only for creatives and design lovers and boasts the most achingly stylish portfolio from across the globe. Members include architects, designers, stylists, photographers and artists, each with a very unique take on what home means to them. It’s a holiday in itself just taking the time to explore a stranger’s home with similar passions to your own, stepping into their shoes for a short while, don’t you think? I love that you can gain a sense of that family’s personality and enjoy their way of life whilst they experience yours. Behomm takes it one step further from just free accommodation, moving to create new connections between families elsewhere in the world.

Amsterdam home of interior stylist, Behomm home exchange for creative professionals

Clean and classic Dutch style in this Amsterdam home.

Home of Seville architects from the Behomm home exchange community for creative professionals

A concrete beauty in Seville, home to architects.

I could spend all day imagining wonderful holidays in any one of these incredible homes, couldn’t you? Who knows, maybe one day when we’ve got the new place up to scratch, we could join too…

Berlin architects home, Behomm home exchange

Moody minimalist. The home of an architect in Berlin.

Home of video artist in Madrid, Behomm home exchange for creative professionals

A light and airy Madrid apartment.

Behomm is a by invitation only membership but they are offering a free membership trial for a limited amount of time.


*With thanks to Behomm for permission to use to images from their community’s homes.


Hi, thanks for your words,
we are more than 2.600 members right now!!!
Agus Juste
Behomm cofounder

Congratulations Agus! It’s such a wonderful idea, hope we get to try it out soon!

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