Beynon Modular Crafted Furniture

12th June 2015


It’s difficult to find impeccably well made modular furniture these days that can put its dukes up to the systems that revolutionised modern living in the mid-century era. Sure, there will always be the flat-pack, but if you’re looking for solid, reliable and timeless, not so much. So I had my head turned with this beautifully crafted unit by British brand Beynon, hailed as heirloom quality and an adaptable piece of long-term furniture which grows with you over time. As modular suggests, you build your desired piece using a system of wooden units. You don’t even have to wrestle with the tool kit because each unit has a simple interlocking mechanism that relies on the turn of a coin. Intelligent. And I love the various ways you can custom build and configure your own to suit your space and needs.


Designed by industrial design specialist Keinton Butler and graphic designer Richard Davies, the units are produced by master craftsmen in Wiltshire using traditional techniques and made in white oiled oak. Isn’t that pale wood bureau just perfection? And please, do yourself a favour and take a look at the poplar sideboard, the details in the grain of the wood are incredible. I could look at it all day.



Beautifully simplistic details for adaptable living. I think this one could be a classic.