Blooc Build Sustainable Living Housing Projects in Sweden

2nd September 2019
New sustainable housing by Blooc features light and neutral Scandinavian interiors with steel framed warehouse windows.

Taking these gorgeously styled images at face value, it’d be easy to get carried away with the aesthetics. I know I was when I discovered Blooc, a housing project company based in Sweden. It was the light-filled interiors carefully styled with Nordic design and custom details that caught my eye. Oh to have those steel warehouse style windows!

What sets them apart from other new builds though, is that these homes are designed for sustainable living from the ground up.

A cosy Nordic living room designed by Blooc with a grey linen sofa and fluffy Little Petra chair by &Tradition.
A cosy cuddle up – &Tradition’s Little Petra chair, designed by Viggo Boesen.

Launched in 2011, these architect-designed homes offer the best of contemporary city style, creating idyllic new garden communities out in the Swedish suburbs. The new Parkhausen development of semi-detached four bedroom homes is just 10 minutes from Väsby, featuring a muddy green wood-clad exterior. The airy, open-plan style interior is divided by floor to ceiling steel framed glass partitions, a clever way to continue the flow through individual spaces. A classic Scandinavian neutral colour palette runs throughout, from the soft grey linen sofa, textured Berber rugs, light oak furniture and wood floors. But I fell really hard for the garden room with its lush tropical plants, bringing biophilic design into the home and connecting you to nature.

A beautiful, light filled dining room with oak dining table looks out into a contemporary garden room build by Blooc.
Connecting the outdoors – full-length windows open out into a garden room.

Modern Sustainable Living

According to recent reports in Sweden, only 4% of buyers have the desire or time to renovate, hardly surprising given the time, upheaval and costs that go into one. Anyone who has taken on a renovation project, however rewarding the outcome, will have wished at some point that they’d bought a new property instead. It has definitely crossed my mind a few times as we’ve uncovered leaks in the bathroom and faced the joyful task of replastering 100 year old walls!

All Blooc’s homes are built using sustainable timber and other materials carrying the Swan label, the official sustainability ecolabel for Nordic products. Surrounded by nature, each build is well insulated and fitted out with new energy-efficient appliances to reduce its impact on the environment over time.

Details in an oak dining table styled with little bud vases inside the Parkhusen project by Blooc.
An off-white, cream kitchen with grey granite countertops, designed by Blooc Sweden.
Custom designed New York style kitchen exclusive to Blooc.
Simple kitchen details inside the Parkhusen sustainable living housing project by Blooc.
A minimal, neutral Nordic bedroom with linen bedding and a vase of grasses.
Vertigo lamp by Petite Friture looks grounded in this soothing bedroom.
Architectural details show the minimal corrugated staircase and black wood burner, designed by Blooc.
Architectural features include Blooc’s signature corrugated staircase.
A small built-in office space with a red framed Vitra chair, designed by Blooc housing construction.

Blooc Objects

I was impressed to see that Blooc has its own collection of finishes and details exclusive to their homes. ‘Blooc Objects’ includes custom mirrors, kitchen cabinetry, bathrooms, handles and lighting used solely in their projects. They also produce a palette of contemporary colours that run through each project and gives it its own sense of identity – see how that muddy green from the exterior is carried into the bathroom cabinetry.

A white and mud green Nordic bathroom, with custom mirror and leather cupboard handles.
‘Blooc Objects’ feature mirrors, bathroom fittings and hardware exclusive to their homes.

I would love to see more well-considered projects like these popping up in the UK, taking not only contemporary living into consideration, but fully sustainable practices too. What do you think – could you see yourself living here?

A freestanding roll top bath filled with bubbles waits in the bathroom of a Parkhusen home, designed by Blooc.

Photography courtesy of Blooc.