Bringing Holland Home – Decor the Dutch Way

2nd October 2013

The past week has been utterly insane. In a good way. I’m actually still rather gobsmacked (unusual for me). On Thursday 19th, under the influence of a full moon, we welcomed our new baby daughter, Tabitha into the world. She was a complete surprise, more so because we were convinced we were having another boy. Now we have her, we feel complete and Reuben is head over heels in love with his new sister. I can’t wait to introduce you to her in a couple of weeks!

It was a week in which I also turned 30, an event I’d come to dread for one reason or another-mainly because my plans to have a blow-out weekend were somewhat scuppered when we’d discovered I was expecting again and with a newborn to love and care for it was more likely to be a damp squib. Imagine my surprise then, whilst up to my eyes in breast feeding, nappies and midwife visits to see my wonderful friend of nearly ten years, Suze who lives in Holland, walk into my living room. Given that we chat every day for a split second I thought nothing of it to find her standing in front of me, it seemed like a very natural thing. Then of course the penny dropped that she’d come all the way from Holland (with her mum Ans too) and suddenly I was a blubbing wreck on the sofa. Ha! Apparently she’d been planning this visit along with her mum and my husband for many months cheekily behind my back. Now I don’t “do” surprises, but in this case I made the exception and for the rest of the afternoon I was thoroughly spoilt with beautiful gifts, including the Tiffany tea tin which Suze discovered in a thrift store-could it be more perfect a gift?

Amongst the goodies were a selection of some of my favourite Dutch magazines and I thought for today’s post I’d share my pick of the pages, they’re utterly gorgeous and have filled me with plenty of ideas and inspiration for our own home…

101 Woonideeen

This month’s issue explores some of the major trends for the up and coming year as spotted at the Paris and Milan trade shows. What’s your favourite?

 ‘Golden Delicious’

Metallics are set to continue to dominate our interiors for the coming year but with a minimalist, linear edge as opposed to something more opulent. Lamps and furniture take on more geometric shapes and are complimented with bold, leather furniture as a contrast. I’m particularly taken with polished copper for its warm, reflective qualities and love the introduction of 3-dimensional and geometric wallpapers to re-enforce the trend.

‘Into The Wild’

This look is my absolute favourite. This contemporary, bohemian jungle style is all about bold and bright print-think large leaves, bright grasses and landscapes. Mix ethnic designs inspired by Africa, South America and the Caribbean with natural materials- bamboo, woven grass, leather and linen. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about my decorative style in the four months we’ve been in this house it’s that as much as I love clean, blank space, I’m all about colour, pattern and texture. Especially where green and ethnic print are concerned. I’m going to embrace it wholeheartedly-watch this space!

‘Sweet 50s’

It’s clear the retro 50s look is here to stay for some time and here in the UK we’re showing no signs of tiring of the pastel and sweet shop colour palette. I’m pleased to see that 101 Woonideeen have gone the route of mid-century geometrics and Festival of Britain design elements over the more floral option with touches of soft watercolour for texture. This trend is happy and positive, thus the colours, shapes and textures should also reflect this mood.

Ariadne at Home

A new publication for me, this jaw droppingly beautiful central Milan apartment, home of interior designer and stylist Stefania Passera and her three daughters has taken a hold of my heart in this feature which translates as ‘Refurbish and Arrange in 20 Days’. Leaving their old house behind for a new start was a daunting prospect for Stefania who knew it was of fundamental importance to bring memories from their old home with them to create an instant feeling of home. Having upped sticks and moved house ourselves just four months ago, I really connected with her own thoughts of the meaning of home…

“I personally believe ‘home’ is what’s inside of you. The intimate, internal space that feeds our being…you can live in a little urban attic space or in a two bedroom home in the suburbs, but when YOU are balanced your house feels like home.”

The house is lovingly filled with objects and accessories with a story of family history. Use of colour as an accent along side a calm and tranquil base of white and grey-blue is reminiscent of a Kahlo-Duffy mash-up in places. It’s full of character and vibrance.

Isn’t the kitchen gorgeous? The Studio Ditte plate wallpaper and pastel metal framed chairs compliment each other beautifully. It’s a fun and feminine twist on modern vintage.

Styling: Francesca Davoli | Photography: Fabrizio Cicconi/Living Inside

This home is unapologetic in its style and character as I think all homes should be. Home should speak volumes about your personality and family life. It should wrap you up and ease the stresses of the day the second you walk in through the door, as a space where you can just “be” without any expectations.

Tell me, what does home mean to you? Is it a feeling or atmosphere? Perhaps it’s snuggling up in your favourite chair or something as simple as a slice of toast and Marmite?.


Congrats on your baby girl and belated Happy Birthday to you:)
Amazing photos and great inspirations (as always) 🙂
xoxo, Wioleta