Camerich Contemporary Sofas

15th April 2016

Contemporary sofa in dark blue by Camerich

Well designed contemporary sofas are not the easiest thing to come by on the high street. You might find something with clean lines and stylish looking fabric but they’ve forgotten the attention to detail in the legs, or the durability is lacking which we discovered after we bought ours. If I could take back our current sofa (a soft and shapeless corner group) and swap it for one of my picks from the Camerich collection, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

What I love about this collection is that there’s a large choice of styles to suit most spaces, giving the option to build your own design from several variations, be it two seater to a more substantial corner. Although I’ve got a soft spot for soft pink fabrics at the moment, I think the darker shades of grey are the best bet for upholstery; they’re less likely to show wear or date over time and in my opinion suit the more minimal, contemporary interiors. That said, the collection boasts over 100 different fabrics including leather to choose from so if the darker colours don’t appeal then it should be easy enough to find something to suit your own palette at home.

The cushions are also down feather filled so they’ll keep a sense of shape and support to them, unlike some of the foam only sofa designs which like ours was completely unsupportive after only a few weeks. No sofa should need more time spent plumping it than relaxing on it!

My absolute favourite is the Alison Plus (above) in the black/blue for its clean lines and slim legs. The fact you can see the floor underneath will make your room feel more spacious too.

The Crescent Corner 

Contemporary sofa designed by Camerich in grey


The Jane Chaise Ottoman

Minimalist, contemporary sofa with chaise designed by Camerich

Ultimately, any sofa you choose needs to stand up to the rigours of every day life and whilst some styles would leave me holding my breath for fear of marking them, the Camerich collection looks a solid contender for any home.

Do you have a favourite? 

**Written in collaboration with Camerich
Photography © Camerich