Charity Treasure / Scandi Style Circus Stool

23rd July 2014

So, Sunday afternoon I was knee deep in a gift finding mission for Reuben’s pre-school teachers on the high street in Rochester and pulling nothing but blanks. As the daughter of a teacher myself, I’m all too familiar with the usual suspects that come home at the end of the academic year-smellies and chocolates, most of which we were more than happy to “share” with mum. But I didn’t want to plump for the obvious, because, you know, I love to make work for myself, don’t I? In my usual fashion I’d found umpteen things I’d like for myself, but what do you buy for someone you talk to almost every day and know so little about? So for a while, I gave up and went to rummage for props instead, because Rochester has a rich and abundant supply of antique and charity shops. Props are important you know.

As we’re steaming on ahead with operation “make this rental feel like ours”, Reuben’s bedroom is next on my list of attack. Having had yet again no response from our landlord ‘Mr Malawi’ as I call him (because he lives out there and the only form of communication is by mule to the local general store by fax) I’ve decided just to crack on and do it. I’m taking the walls from magnolia to white, it’s hardly a big deal. Right? And in any case, this poor house is in desperate need of an update. And no, I won’t be returning the walls back to magnolia when we leave. This isn’t 1995. I digress.

Black and white stool curateanddisplay

Walking past Oxfam, this little black and white stool sitting in the window caught my eye. Stripy legs with a scandi style, the face of a circus ringmaster…*sharp intake of breath* it was perfect for Reuben’s room! Ten minutes later and £10 lighter I’d walked out with it and a very smug grin on my face. It’ll need a little work doing, as you can see the wood has split a little at the side, but a little filler will sort that no problem. Isn’t it utterly brilliant?!

Black and white stool legs curateanddisplayblog

circus stool curateanddisplay blog

Next week I’m cracking open the tin of paint, dragging out the dust sheets and getting stuck in. Can’t wait to show you the progress! Isn’t it always the way though, that when you’re not looking for something it has a way of just landing in your lap!?