Coming Out Of Hibernation…

18th March 2013

Gosh. Just about two month since my last blog post. Are you wondering where I’ve been? Most likely not if you’ve better things to do with your time, but let’s just say I’ve been really very unwell and pretty much bed/sofa-bound for much of the time. I certainly haven’t flaked from the world of blogging, got bored or disinterested-I love the community we have here and hearing from you over on our Facebook page and Twitter, but it was so all-consuming that it was easier for me to put everything aside (including work) and concentrate on the job in hand. Getting myself better.

So what was going on? Here’s a clue…

Yep. I’ve been growing another human being (and the last for us after this experience!) as the uncontrollable all day morning sickness I’ve had almost landed me in hospital-I couldn’t keep anything down and I can honestly say it was the most miserable two months of my life, bar none.
My husband was incredible, transforming into some sort of domestic god working full-time upstairs in our office, looking after me and our two year old son as well as doing all the housework, food shopping and catering. We live quite far from any family support and most of our friends work full time in the city so there was no chance of any outside help, we were literally on our own. And the work I had to turn down? It was pretty soul destroying too as I’d been offered the chance to style for a cook book, something at the very top of my goal list. And just when you’d think things couldn’t get much worse, we lost the house we were buying…and so there we were, stuck without a home to move into and a very lovely, patient buyer waiting. You literally couldn’t write this stuff.

BUT (because this post really wasn’t supposed to be a miserable bag of poo on a dreary Monday morning) we are expecting a healthy little ‘Squirt’ in early September and we’re very excited to start a new chapter of parenting with two little Rileys. I’m also feeling a great deal better than I was a few weeks back and am trying hard to find my creative blogging mojo again, because it’s what I love to do.

So there we are, that’s where I’ve been. If you’ve contacted me via email and I’ve not yet replied, I’m getting round to you, promise. And in the meantime, thanks for hanging in there and waiting!

How ARE you all?!.


I’m so excited for you!! Hope you’ll feel better soon. hx

Congratulations! I hope the sickness part is now well and truly behind you and you’ll be able to pick up some new exciting projects and find a lovely house. Sounds like it’s been a bit of a rough time, but I’m sure things will get much better very quickly now 🙂 Good to see you posting again. xo

So good to hear from you-definitely still want to get together for a natter soon! Hopping over to your blog this week for a catch up too. xx

I can relate, I disappeared for a couple of months and closed my 2 Etsy shops during that awful first trimester. Hope you are feeling loads better xx

Congratulations!!! I know how you feel about about the morning sickness as with my second I had it up to the day she was born (she’s now 17!) My first and third the sickness went at about 3 months. I hope the sickness will soon pass for you and that you will bloom and have a wonderful pregnancy … and the gorgeous bundle of joy makes it all worth while in the end …

Congrats on having another baby! Sorry to hear you’re feeling really rough though! Hope you’ll be better soon!

Huge congratulations! You have done so well to come through that, I know how morning sickness feels its a nightmare!! never mind with another little one to look after as well as all that with your house… you are amazing!! Don’t worry about missing the styling opportunity, other opportunities will arise and they will be equally as fabulous!

I have missed your lovely blogs, welcome back! xxx

Thank you so much Julie, that means a lot. When the only thing you can do for weeks is sit still and do nothing it’s very easy to concentrate on things slipping away, but it’s like a reawakening when the sickness eases and you realise you can claw back on that time. Thank you for your support 🙂 xxxx

All the love from the bottom of my heart for you, your baby and family.
Times will become better and you grow your strenght in rough moments.