DIY Pine Desk Revamp

25th March 2015

DIY Chalk Paint Pine Desk Revamp Office Workspace Makeover Curate and Display Blog

So today I thought I’d share a DIY with you to show how I transformed my old pine desk from the unloved, not-so-stylish specimen it was into the focal piece it is now. I’ve done a few DIY furniture projects in the past with varying degrees of success (don’t ask me about the white and gold glitter bedside table. Please) But my style and tastes have done a fair bit of growing and maturing since then and I was ready to approach this one very differently, like it truly mattered. Honestly, when I started decorating my workspace my initial plan was to ditch the desk completely in favour of trestles with a baltic ply top to stretch across a full wall. But then the only trestles I could find were far too wide and as this room is only 2m x 2m…you get the picture. After a long short sulk, I put the trestles, the plywood and the hairpin legs to one side and looked at it objectively. The desk just needed some love…

Pine Desk DIY Before Office Workspace Curate and Display Blog

Here’s how it started out. Sure, the shape is a little out-dated and most definitely well loved (I used to paint on the top-can you tell?!) but I thought with a little work it could actually become a real show-stopper.

DIY Pine Desk Office Workspace Curate and Display Blog1

An afternoon outside with the sander lifted off the nasty flecks of paint and orange stain and left a beautiful pale grain that I wanted to keep.

DIY Pine Desk Revamp Office Workspace Curate and Display Blog2

Next up, I painted the base and drawers in Annie Sloan’s Graphite which I watered down slightly to give a smoother finish (it dries quite quickly so you have to work fast). It’s a beautiful, matt, not-quite-black and I chose not to wax it to keep a flat finish. Tip: if you want to go for a matt look, make sure you don’t skip on quality with your brushes as the paint will pick up on that. After two coats the top was ready to wax.

DIY Chalk Paint Pine Desk Curate & Display Blog

I used a couple of coats of Liberon Black Bison clear wax to preserve the pale surface with a lint free cloth (yes, it’s massive). The wax smelt amazing but more importantly it didn’t add any shine to the top or affect the colour of the pine.

DIY Chalk Paint Pine Desk Revamp Curate and Display Blog

The biggest game changer was the beautiful plywood knobs which came from Chocolate Creative – I had to get some plywood in there somewhere, right? I love that they’re big and tactile and the grain in the centres picks up the top of the desk. Here’s the finished article…

DIY Pine Desk Chalk Paint After Workspace Office Makeover Curate and Display Blog

I should just take a minute to thank my brilliant father-in-law Bob The Builder (yes, his name is Bob and he is a retired builder) who was on hand over email to help me when I freaked out over which wax to use, how to use it etc. He really is a fountain of (almost all) knowledge.

Do you have an old piece of pine furniture knocking around that could benefit from a little love? You might be surprised with the results…


I am going to do the same with a plan chest, same colour paint and brand, thank for the tips, I hope I can get a good result…yours look like a total different piece

Oh do show me what it looks like when you’re finished Margarita-I’d love to see. x

Hi Tiff – I LOVE how you transformed this desk! I know I’m a bit late to this party (happy new yer!), but i just wondered how the waxed top held up with putting things on and off it over time please? Thanks for sharing x

Hello Maya, thank you so much for taking the time to read-I’m just back after the Holidays-Happy New Year! The waxed top is so far holding up ok BUT I do use a coaster for drinks and the only things I have on the top are books/paper and laptop, so minimal wear as it were. A clear wax finish is fine if the surface you’re using isn’t going to go through any major wear and tear. The pegboard is from a design company called Block who are based in Cornwall. Hope that helps! x

P.S – where did your pegboard come from by the way?