Feist Forest / The Ashling Table

27th May 2015

Feist Forest_The Ashling_Table

I have reason to be excited today as I introduce you to beautiful new independent design brand Feist Forest. Tucked away inside an old tin tabernacle in Devon, headed up by founder, designer and wood finisher Vicki Turner, Feist have been thus far quietly producing by hand one of the most stunning tables I have ever had the joy of discovering. The Ashling Table. Take a moment to pour over these exquisitely styled images. Oh for a tin tabernacle and that table

Feist Forest_The Ashling_Table2

A trestle made for the most astute of design lovers, its subtle mix of pale ash and matt black lacquer make it a match made in heaven. Just look at that laser etching! This is a piece that will move and evolve with you, folding down to be stored upright with recessed brass hinges, it is flexible to the core. Production is a carefully considered process; the wood is sourced from sustainable British Ash in collaboration with Sutton Timber and tables are handcrafted in small batches in part with skilled craftsman Ben Algar from his workshop in Bedfordshire.

Feist Forest_Ashling_Table_Detail

Feist Forest Info card Ashling Table

Aside from nature, Vicki finds much of her inspiration in watching others come together to create and make great ideas happen.

“Seeing people who challenge the normal way of doing things and often appear a little crazy whilst they do so, yet battle on anyway. They’re certainly the inspiration behind Feist Forest.”  

And so she designed a table for them.

Feist Forest_The Ashling_Table3

Any plans for extending the collection? I asked. I for one would love to see The Ashling as a dining table. There are plans for different finishes and formats, new collaborations with local makers too. Keep those eyes peeled apparently.

Feist Forest_Vicki Turner_Founder_Designer

Find out more about Feist Forest’s ethical practices on their site and try your very hardest not to fall in love with The Ashling. It’s all over for me…