House of Grey X Bauwerk Limewash Paint

17th May 2021
Deep and inky 'Nurture' limewash paint, a collaboration between House of Grey interior design studio and Bauwerk Colour.

In a design match made in heaven, London based interior design studio House of Grey has just announced ‘Visual Silence’, a collection of limewash paints with Bauwerk Colour. Fans of limewashed walls, you will not be disappointed.

Headed by founder Louisa Grey, the studio is known for its pioneering approach to salutogenic design, meaning health and wellbeing is at the forefront of their process. Guided entirely by using only natural cradle-to-cradle materials, the studio seek to create grounded spaces that support human health and the environment. Known for their healing, sustainable interiors, House of Grey are the one UK studio who always come to mind when I think of calming, minimal and artisanal design. Joining together with Bauwerk whose natural, no VOC lime paints have already garnered world wide acclaim is a no-brainer. Lovers of House of Grey’s minimal aesthetic can now bring some of that style into their own home.

Expressively painted 'Slow' off-white limewash paint designed by House of Grey for Bauwerk Colour.

The ‘Visual Silence’ collection is a palette of eight muted, earthy colours designed to bring a sense of clarity and harmony to any space. At the deeper end there’s ‘Nurture’, a dark green that encourages deep relaxation as well as the smokier ‘Cleanse’ green for healing. At the paler end of the palette, there’s ‘Retreat’, a chalky alternative to white and ‘Balance’, a deep neutral with a hint of taupe. I love the way the light refracts against the pigment and texture on the walls in these beautiful shots.

A minimal rustic room painted in  'Slow' off-white limewash paint designed by House of Grey for Bauwerk Colour.
A carved contemporary wooden sculpture in a minimal space painted with pale beige textured lime paint.
A minimally styled rustic contemporary interior with expressively painted limewash walls by House of Grey.
Deep and earthy textured green walls painted in eco lime paint designed by House of Grey for Bauwerk Colour.
A grouping of crystals on a rough stone table against muted washed walls.

To discover more about this wonderful, natural paint, take a look at ‘How To Decorate with Limewash Paint’ as I take you through how I painted my studio it step-by-step.

The House of Grey limewash paint is available directly from Bauwerk where you can order samples, brushes and ready-mixed paint directly.

A bright and minimal room painted in soothing pale tones of 'Reflection' from the new Bauwerk Colour collection.

Photography by Michael Sinclair


Hello! Is “Clense” the Mugwort on the Bauwerk site? (love these looks)!

Hi Jeannie, not sure which you mean but if you email them, they’re very helpful!