House Tour – Eos’s Light & Airy Swiss Family Home

17th March 2014

Good morning to you! How was your weekend? Mine was surprisingly chilled-we normally use the weekend to hammer through everything we don’t get done in the week, but this time we filled it with gardening, the farmer’s market and enjoying the spring sunshine. And you?

Today’s post has been about a year in coming to these pages and I’m seriously happy to have my lovely friend Eos from Signora Aurora blog here today, sharing some beautiful images from her home in Switzerland. When I first asked if she’d like to be featured, she was living in Turin (I found her blog through my obsession with Italy) but then house moves and new babies got in the way of things, so it had to wait.

Eos (which means “dawn” in Greek) is, much like her name, a vibrant, calming character. She puts so much love into everything, be it writing for her blog, painting and sketching or creating her family home. She’s open and honest, just like her home-that’s what I love about it. She also rents, which for me is a big thing. Until last April the last time I’d rented was as a student, so suddenly I was faced with the idea that there’d be too many restrictions to make our house feel like our home. What Eos has done with hers is the perfect example of how to make a rented space your own. I hope she inspires other renters out there too…

I’m Eos Koch, an artist, a graphic and webdesigner, a storyteller and seeker of light and beauty. I live with my husband, our two daughters and our three dogs in the French speaking part of Switzerland. We came here last summer and before we lived for five years in the north of Italy. I grew up in the rainy, German speaking part of Switzerland, but at heart I’m a little gipsy girl and love to not stick to one place.

We live on the fourth and highest floor on 130 qm with an additional big terrace of other 60 qm. As an artist and designer I work from home and this space serves us as a living and working space in one.

We’re renting this apartment and for the moment it totally fits our needs. Having a home that feels like a protected and secure nest is so important. I love lots of light and searching for the perfect space to rent in, my biggest attention was on the light. Coming from sunny Italy to live in the Swiss mountains, the missing sun was the most difficult thing to leave behind. I even researched for how the sun is moves, where the sun comes up in the morning and where it sets in the evening.

There are some details, like the colour of our kitchen and the floor in there, that I don’t like, but making the best of it and making these parts blend in as much as I can helps me to accept them. After all it isn’t my home and we will be here for some time until we go decide to see more of the world.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora-

This is my studio, I love it to be white and airy. There’s a door that goes out to the terrace. Most of my furniture is from Ikea, mixed together with pieces from thrift stores and flea markets. I love to paint old things in white to make them all connect.

In my studio are lots of tables and big closets for all my fabrics, papers and other supplies.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--2

A peek into the bathroom, some spring flowers and a vintage map from Italy out of a book I found at the flea market. I love pops of color as much as I love white.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--3

The girls room is full of toys and games, there is a lot of colour and pink going on here.

I force them to only hold on to the things they really love or are very beautiful. Since we’ve already moved long distance twice, we had to simplify and it just feels so much better to not own too much clutter.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--4

This is an older painting I made for my eldest daughter’s birthday- I love to express with colour and am a believer that beautiful art can change the mood of a room and tells a story.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--5

Light makes a room beautiful for me and these floral curtains diffuse the light a little bit and make the room shine. The high bed is perfect for the children’s room, since my girls are still little they have a lot of space underneath.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--6

I found my nightstand at a flea market, years and years ago. I love that it’s a trunk and I can fit inside all my books inside so the bedroom stays tidy. Our bed is a very easy construction my husband and I made together. It is oversized, which means there is one double and one single mattress next to each other. I need space to sleep.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--7

This is the view from our living space into the kitchen. To make a boring kitchen more playful and blend in I hung a white chandelier and brought in some white accessories.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--8

The view from the other side, out of the kitchen into our dining area, where my husband and I work on most of our projects at the kitchen table. The rocking chair is a proud keepsake from my grandfather and is the perfect place to sit down in the afternoon, drink a coffee and swing back and forth.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--9

My little four year old is with me all day and when I’m cooking she likes to cook delicious little things for us out of play dough.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--10

My special ingredients are plants and flowers, they life into my white space. Too much white in a home can look clean and sterile, but plants help to bring a little bit of colour.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--11

Our sofa area to drink coffee with friends, chat and have a good time. In the back is our entryway and on the right is our outside space which I love even more than a garden- I love to live high in the sky and have views.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--12

Lots of space, to dance, build forts with my daughters, play and create. I love to fill our life and for this it is always good to have some empty space. This is where my inspiration comes from.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--13

Lot of baskets all over with blankets for our dogs. I found this little yellow sideboard at the flea market and just painted it in white. The graphic print of the rose is a creation I made and printed myself.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--14

Another nook to sketch, work and drink some coffee. The honeycomb balls I made by myself out of tissue paper, there are some good tutorials online to create your own.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--15

My workplace and our space for dining. The table and corner bench is another keepsake from my grandfather, and to make him fit in I too painted it in white.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--17

Big plants bring life into the space and they love to be near the window where there is a lot of light.

Guest post eos koch signora aurora--18

My love for chandeliers is easy to recognise, I especially love the old ones, but the mix of different styles makes the big picture more vivid.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour around my home. I love to surround us with beauty, this need comes from my belief that we have the control over our lives and how we want to feel. Creating a certain mood for our home helps us feel the way we want.


I couldn’t agree more! Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful home with us Eos.

If you’d like to follow Eos, check out the links below. She also has a beautiful new project that she’s working to get off the ground, so if you love her work as much as I do, watch her project video to find out more.

Would you like to give us a tour of your home? Perhaps you rent too and have found ways to make the space your own?