How To Feel On Holiday At Home

15th April 2015


Haven’t we just been having some of the most beautiful weather lately? Well, if you’re in the Northern hemisphere then spring is in full swing right now, the delicate blossoms are falling around us like sweet smelling confetti, the sun is warm on our backs and the light so very welcoming after many months of cocooning grey. I got to thinking about how much the change in season can feel like being on holiday, especially as we’re in the middle of the Easter break and have been making the most of some time together. Finding the time (or indeed the budget) to get away can be tricky, particularly if like us you’re self-employed and locked into several on-going projects for months on end. I’m not moaning, honest! So, instead I wanted to flip the idea of the holiday on it’s head to inspire you to create that “on holiday” feeling at home with some simple tips…



Turn Off The Technology | A purge from all the noise of social media feels like a holiday in itself. Set your automated email responses, turn off the TV and lock away your laptop and phone. You wouldn’t take them with you everywhere on holiday would you? Ok, with the exception of your camera phone…

Break From Routine & Create A New One | A simple change in routine can make all the difference to your mood, like making more of an occasion of breakfast with pastries, fresh coffee and the papers rather than forcing down a piece of toast whilst you get on with other things. Go for a walk each night after dinner and get some air, a real tonic for clearing your head and finding inspiration or end the day with a long wallow in the bath. Blissful.


Be A Tourist In Your Own Town | Explore the places you’ve always wanted to visit that are close to home and see a different side to where you live. Maybe it’s time to revisit some of the oldies after a few years?

Dress For The Holiday | One of the best things about going away (at least in my opinion) is planning your wardrobe and dressing for the ‘holiday you’. If you look good you feel good too, so make it your mission to style up and wear your capsule holiday wardrobe.


Switch Up The Menu | Exploring different cuisines is all part of being on holiday – when in Rome, right? This weekend I whipped up a beautiful tapas style lunch with some beautiful Spanish cheese, paprika spiced pecans, crusty bread and all the necessary trimmings. Instant holiday feeling! Push your boundaries and try something new, pull out the cook books and cook up a storm…or order out if you’d rather.

Make A Holiday Playlist | Find all the songs that put you in a ridiculously good mood and throw them onto a playlist. This one always gets me in the mood (showing my age now) and you can use your iTunes library, Spotify or Grooveshark to create yours.

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Make Room For Treats | When we’re away we make it a rule to have at least three ice creams a day as standard, so don’t forget to make room for treats. It might be buying a stash of magazines to devour in the evenings or that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for something special.

Plan Something Every Day | Letting the day slip away is the worst feeling so make it a priority to plan something to do, however small. Dust off the bikes, visit a gallery or go out to dinner and have something to look forward to.






So tell me, how do you get that holiday feeling at home? Feeling inspired to give it a try?

* Thank you to Trujillos Villas España for transporting us to #Spain from home last weekend with an absolutely beautiful hamper for us to share and enjoy a little #holiday time together. 


Looks delicious – where is the honey from.?

Hi Bruce, it really was! The honey is local to the villa, from the Extremadura region.

Agreed Julieta, it’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to enjoy life sometimes (particularly if you’re working from home and find it hard to separate things as I do!) Hope you manage to find some time to enjoy living in London together! x