IKEA Is Bringing Its A-Game

15th July 2015


I wasn’t so much impatient for summer for the sun and warmth as I was for the new collections coming to IKEA next month. Sheeeeeeeesh they are killing it. You are not ready for this.

Firstly, I just want to take a moment to jump up on the table and do a proper “all hail the interior design gods” dance to acknowledge this brilliant collaboration between Head of Design Marcus Engman and designer Ilse Crawford. Ilse, I love you. Obsessed with the physicality of things, she designs pieces on an emotional level, to be able to feel, touch, to connect with objects that “affect us on a human level”. And when I saw the impossibly tactile ‘SINNERLIG’ collection, using cork, black metal, bamboo and other natural materials as a main feature…well…consider me affected.



“We have to get used to the idea of things being enjoyable to touch, to realise you can connect through the senses. The core value of my collaboration with IKEA has been to bring the head and heart together through the hand, with touch and natural materials…”

I hate to use these faddy, new-fangled phrases the kids use these days, but seriously, “I can’t even”.

IKEA have always been the first in line to champion great design at a price point that we can all afford, but I feel like they’ve gone a step further with this, to incorporate a higher quality of design with aesthetic and I love that. It looks really…expensive.


IKEA SKOGSTA Collection1

Designed by Marcus Arvonen, the SKOGSTA collection has put into question my entire quest for the white dining table. It’s a warm and tactile one, crafted from solid Acacia wood (no veneer here thank you!) inspired by the modern country kitchen, to become long term, enduring pieces in the home.

IKEA SKOGSTA Collection3

IKEA SKOGSTA Collection2

The collection has been been built up on the idea of being together around food; so starting with the beautiful table, it branches out into food storage, boards on which to prep and stands to display and serve. There are benches and blocks, stools and sturdy crates that can be adapted for other rooms too. And isn’t the grain from that Acacia just wonderful? I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

IKEA SKOGSTA Collection4

IKEA SKOGSTA Collection5

IKEA SKOGSTA Collection6

This is just a taste of what’s to come over the next few months. I’m excited, aren’t you?


Wow, it really does look expensive! IKEA clearly trying to throw off their ‘budget’ label. Love the table and stools/benches.

Aren’t they?! Not to say they won’t continue to do so because that’s their strong point, but I love that they’re starting to look towards working with established interior designers outside of their world and thinking about a higher level of design too. The table and benches are everything!

Great blog-post Tiff!

Such a simple yet beautiful new range from IKEA. Can’t wait for it to drop.

M x

Thanks Mary-they are ridiculously beautiful. See you there 😉

I have been making regular pilgrimages to the IKEA site for a release date for this collection ever since I saw the press releases at the start of the year. I LOVE Ilse Crawford! She is one of the best designers around in my opinion. Let me know if you hear an actual release date (I’d heard August…)

Yes-Ilse is pretty much my hero, she’s “real” about design, you can connect with what she creates. August is the month of release but that’s all I know at the moment. I’m on the starting blocks 😉

I can’t wait till this comes out! Just in time for when I move. I want everything!

Perfect timing Hannah-can’t wait to catch up next week so I can hear all about your plans! x