Kaski Linen Lounge Chair Inspired by The Finnish Countryside

17th June 2021
The Made By Choice Kaski linen lounge chair styled inside a traditional rustic Finnish wood cabin in the countryside.
Deep-seated, minimal and elegant – the new Kaski linen lounge chair from Made by Choice.

Get ready to be transported to the 19th Century Finnish countryside today folks. Ok, so aesthetically it’s a very contemporary piece but it’s inspired by traditional 19th-century craft techniques. The new Kaski linen lounge chair designed by Joanna Laajisto for the Finnish design house Made By Choice draws on the use of traditional tools to create simple, robust furniture.

Believe it or not, when it comes to lounge chairs in Finland, there aren’t many options unless you’re looking for a classic design. And the Kaski was originally designed for the national retail brand Nanso’s before it was put into production by Made By Choice.

A detail shot of the backrest of the Kaski lounge chair made from light ash wood with a nubuck leather cushion and woven linen seat.

Everything was self-made in the 19th-century countryside, from tools to tableware to furniture. Materials and handicraft skills were highly regarded.

Joanna Laajisto – designer.
The Kaski linen lounge chair with a minimal light ash wood frame, natural nubuck leather backrest and natural woven linen seat.

As with everything produced by the Made By Choice team, this chair is a thing of beauty. Known for their use of bold shape and sweeping curves, the Kaski doesn’t lose any of that, yet it feels a little different from the rest of the collection. It speaks of Nordic craft, of slowness.

Its silhouette carries a lightness and elegance into a Scandinavian inspired home. The epitome of simplistic, minimalist style, it’s all in the details. From the light ash frame connecting with a curve to the leg with an exquisite hidden join, to the braided natural linen seat. And I love its woven seat – you can see the quality of the linen and it comes with its own craft story knowing that it was made by hand. A gentle tilt to the backrest invites space for a buttery nubuck leather cushion strapped at the back which, as Laasjisto says, adds an element of luxury to balance out the minimalistic design.

So I think I may have just written a love letter to a chair. But you can see why, can’t you..?

Side view of the new Kaski minimal lounge chair from Finnish design brand Made By Choice inside a traditional Finnish wood cabin.
A subtle incline in the seat allows for relaxed lounging.
A close-up detail shot of the natural linen woven seat and curved leg join of the Kaski lounge chair.