Laurie Poast Atelier Minimal Sculptural Ceramics

9th March 2020
A selection of earthy toned cermamic Belly Pots created by Norway based artist Laurie Poast sit on a minimal, white table top.

I have some utterly beautiful work to share with you today by American-Scandinavian ceramist Laurie Poast. It’s been impossible to keep my eyes off her collection of minimal, sculptural ceramics ever since I first saw her work on Vogesparis.

Now based in Bergen, Norway, Laurie grew up in Wisconsin. Her father is a master Luthier, maker of Norwegian Hardanger fiddles, so it’s inevitable that a deep connection to craftsmanship would influence her.

A selection of white, grey, brown and black ceramics against a textured grey wall, created by ceramist Laurie Poast.

With a collection spanning sculptural art, bowls and vases and hardware for interiors, it’s almost impossible not to want to reach out and touch, such is the tactile, smooth quality of the objects she makes.

A small grouping of block shaped Brutalist ceramic candleholders against a textured grey wall.
Asymmetric black ceramic Pedestal bowl styled against a textured grey backdrop.

Laurie’s work is intrinsically organic, from the silky, raw matt ceramics she casts her shapes in, to the earthy and natural tones they take on. Rich autumnal inspired colour palettes connect to nature whilst chalky textured black and porcelain white looks to a more contemporary aesthetic. With an approach to curate moments of pleasure, calm and delight, her pieces take on a life of their own in the way they play with light, casting deeply textured shadows between the ripples, curves and architectural scoops.

Tall black-brown ceramic Ripple vases created by Bergen based artist and designer Laurie Poast.
A collection of natural toned ceramic balls sit in the centre of an asymmetric grey pedestal bowl in a minimalist setting.
A black and white Cuboid pot, held by the hand of American-Scandinavian artist Laurie Poast.

If you’re looking for a select pieces of art to adorn a shelf at home, the Laurie Poast Atelier collection is an easy choice to make.

As a self-confessed lover of ceramics, there isn’t one piece I wouldn’t love to own, though a personal favourite are the Valet bowls (below). Useful objects of beauty and completely stunning on their own. The urge to sit and stroke them all day might prove too much!

A mid-grey Valet bowl sits on a bathroom shelf, holding a pair of thick framed glasses and a shaving brush along side perfumes and toiletries.
Beautiful and delicate smooth white ceramic bowls with scooped out centres, against a neutral textured backdrop.
Inspired by the texture of mushrooms, this stack of neat little mushroom pots has been created by artist Laurie Poast.
A serene and smooth pale white ceramic bowl styled against a swathe of white linen and a textured neutral wall.

Follow Laurie’s Instagram for more of her delicate work.

Photography courtesy of Laurie Poast Atelier, with thanks.