Minimal Jewellery By RUUSK

10th July 2015


Maybe it’s part of maturing and growing into a style that you’re comfortable with, but these days I just don’t want the fuss. Do you feel the same? Perhaps it has something to do with early childhood or later in my teens, helping my father (a Master Goldsmith) in his shop on Saturdays surrounded by precious stones and metals…but I don’t see the need for excessive jewellery. I think, of my entire collection, I wear only two or three pieces at any one time and they are very simple. Which is why I loved discovering this minimal collection by Italian designer Tania Gnecchi-Ruscone of RUUSK.


Recently moved to the Netherlands from Australia, Tania’s love of travel and the quest for timeless, every day pieces inspired her to create the ‘essential’ collection for the modern woman, the creative, the traveller. Each piece is hand made in Italy using traditional techniques (which is great to hear) from sterling silver. I love the simple shapes and classic designs – as she says, these are pieces you can ‘live in’.

“Designing for life is my motto. It’s about striving to create simple pieces that withstand trends and time. Pieces that you wear everyday and which, in a way become a part of you.” 



To see more of the collection and the Peak Ring which really caught my eye, check out the newly launched website.

Photography © RUUSK.

I like to surround myself with simple but meaningful pieces. I am happy to discover a new metalsmith like RUUSK that caters to a minimal style. Great shapes, colours and textures. This is a great find!

Glad you like them Julie, particularly if you prefer simple. They work with everything!