NEW! Butterscotch & Beesting Cushions To Covet!

30th April 2014

Back in October an email landed in my inbox from designer Camilla Westergaard of Butterscotch & Beesting which said she’d been secretly beavering away on a new print and would I be interested in featuring it when it was ready. It was a bee-centric design in her signature circus style and she was really excited about it. How could I not?!

Camilla has such an imaginative, playful style which comes to life in her prints and fabrics. Inspired by children’s illustrations and with a love for storytelling, she has created the whimsical world of Butterscotch & Beesting for her own mischevious characters, Mr Bumblewick Beesting and Miss Betty Butterscotch. This dashing ringmaster and former trapeze artist turned confectioner (Miss Betty doesn’t have a head for heights apparently) will bring the magic of their circus antics into children’s bedrooms everywhere if you let them.

So I waited oh so very patiently (which is quite uncharacteristic for me) until just this week they appeared as a lovely surprise!

Bumble Bee Balloon Cushion

Feast your eyes on these utterly delightful Bumble Bee Balloon cushions. As with all of Camilla’s designs, these too come with a sweet little story…

“I wanted to create a print that told the stories of the bees who steer the Butterscotch & Beesting Circus on its travels. The bees fly around the fabric, and you follow their path in the trail of the turning ferris wheel, the stem of the flower, and the root of the tree. There’s a slight Fifties’ influence to it I guess, particularly in the geometrics that make up the ferris wheel, and the clean lines. When I designed the pattern, I imagined it covering an Ercol sofa or daybed, and I’d still love to see it like that, with the bees spreading their wings.”


Butterscotch and Beesting Bumble Bee Balloon Cushion blue



Every cushion is printed in Britain on cotton and lovingly stitched by Camilla’s own fair hands. If you love a circus motif with a mid-century meets Scandinavian twist then I urge you to visit Butterscotch & Beesting. Thank you Camilla!