Norrgavel | Sustainable Design Rooted In Nature

6th October 2017

As it’s Friday, I thought we could all do with a soothing introduction to the weekend with a collection of restful Swedish furniture. Trust me, you’ll have trouble prizing yourself away from these gorgeous rooms…

Founded in the early 90s in Sweden by architect and designer Nirvan Richter, Norrgavel is a design brand built on sustainability. Noticing a lack of high quality, well made furniture, he began to create a name synonymous with timeless, functional design, extolling the virtues of locally sourced wood such as birch, beech and oak. As a reaction to mass-produced furniture, Richter set to designing a collection made from renewable, raw materials that could be reused and passed down through the generations, needing only to be reupholstered should the need arise.

What I love about Norrgavel’s ethos (aside from the obvious) is the honesty behind the furniture. There is no fuss here. Wood is allowed to behave in exactly the way it should, untreated, or instead painted with an egg oil tempera which allows the grain to breathe over time. It’s hardly surprising then that they received the acclaimed Nordic Swan Ecolabel as a mark of the brands commitment to the environment. Not really designed to be statement pieces, rather this furniture should easily blend into existing surroundings and look a part of the home without any effort.

Organic, sustainable blue velvet and linen cushions, designed by sustainable Swedish furniture designers Norrgavel

At Norrgavel, we want to create relationships with our customers. Rather than encourage passive consumption, we try to make it easy for customers to be present in the purchasing moment and to have a relationship with the things they choose to surround themselves with – encouraging them, quite simply, to consume less but to give themselves permission to have things of greater quality.

Our intention is that a piece of Norrgavel furniture should act as your faithful servant. It should work well and make life simpler. An unobtrusive design that you only notice when using the furniture, but that is then all the more apparent. A chair that really supports the body, a handle designed to help fingers and hands to pull out a drawer. We create our furniture with the intention of it forming a backdrop to life rather than dominating. So we don’t feel that the design has to be amusing or create a sensation.

The high backed spine arm chair, one of the first pieces designed by Richter.

A wall of charcoal grey glass fronted storage cabinets designed by Norrgavel, sustainable Swedish furniture designers.

The Zen-like Easy Chair with woven flax seat pad and vegetable tanned leather.

Simplistic, timeless shelving to suit most kitchen spaces.

The Norrgavel collection also extends to home accessories, all of which are organic, including bed linen, rugs and tableware. If sustainable, natural materials are your thing (and they really should be) then take note. So, where to buy? Well, unless you’re based in Sweden or Denmark it gets a bit tricky, however, I’ve done a little digging and you can purchase directly through a mail order. I’ll take one of everything…

Norrgavel organic bed linen in Terra, terracotta, earthy linen.

Norrgavel’s Terra bed linen in the earthy colour of the moment.

Green in every sense of the word. Elle Interiör’s Design Prize winner 2011 ‘Bed of the Year’.

Green wooden chest of drawers, designed by Norrgavel, sustainable Swedish design.

Even the smallest details are covered – leather handles can be added to existing furniture.

Photography courtesy of Norrgavel.