Northern’s New Nordic Furniture Collection Will Make You Cry

12th February 2018

The lightweight Nook frees up space to hang and display your things.

At this time of year, many brands are gearing up to share their 2018 collections, it’s an exciting time for design. New Nordic design brand Northern Lighting has just relaunched their brand now known as Northern, to extend their collection to furniture and accessories and it is to die for. Accuse me of oversharing but quite frankly, I don’t give a damn.

Simple shapes and tactile curves, the Camp table and Pal stool.

Northern began its journey some twelve years ago as a collective of creatives, producing a contemporary, minimalist lighting. An integral part of its Norwegian roots, Northern is grounded in New Nordic design, combined with traditional craftsmanship and natural materials. Their pieces are elegant with an air of utilitarian luxury and, having long been a fan of their lighting collection, I knew the wait for their homewares would be worth it.

The Loud Bar Cabinet is anything but. Designed by Färg & Blanche.

The bar cart is nothing new in itself, but with the rise in popularity in home entertaining, the cart has seen a revival, with an updated look. Named Loud, this quiet minimalist interpretation in curved, smoked oak features polished laminate doors and steel casters. A multi-functional, everyday conversation piece to do its job quietly in the corner or stand out centre stage.

Indoor and outdoor urban garden style with the self-watering Oasis pots.

I’m always happy to see plant pots taken into consideration – there’s always room for a stylish plant or two. These Oasis pots designed by Ann Kristin Einarsen were a highlight of mine at LDF 2016 as part of the 100% Norway showcase. The self-watering pots come in two parts so you can mix and match the matt terracotta tops with a glazed base where the water sits in a reservoir.

McCallum’s origami-inspired designs sit well with Morten and Jonas’s convertible Daybe sofa.

New to the Northern collective is Scottish designer Kyla McCallum whose precise origami-inspired work has turned heads. I was hardly surprised when she told me at a workshop last year that she was soon to be launching a collection here. Her signature style can be seen in the quilted wool Case cushion. The Fold pendant light is crafted from Kvadrat wool, treated with a lamination process allowing it to stay in position. With a slight tilt, it enables you to direct light to one area whilst dimming the other.

Cocooning Shelter desk, designed by Yonoh for Northern.

Possibly the desk of my dreams, the Shelter is ticking all the boxes for me. Designed by duo Yonoh, it features a black steel frame with curved mesh back and an oak desktop. Its graphic aesthetic and minimal silhouette streamline the workspace, allowing only for the essentials. Dear Shelter, I love you. Hard.

Slender legs and compact storage – Hifive Media Storage by Rudi Wulff

The Oaki chair, inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Arguably, the stand-out piece, in my opinion, is the Oaki chair. Because look at it. It’s been cleverly designed in the way of traditional Japanese work working to hide the joins so it appears seamless. Designed by Stina Aas in oak, all four legs rise up to the back of the chair with the back legs leaning outwards. A future design classic, I have no doubt.

Photography courtesy of Northern, with thanks.