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14th November 2014
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Over the past few months I’ve been researching and mood boarding ideas for my workspace re-design. Well, I say re-design, there was actually no design to it at all until recently. My ‘Studio & Office’ Pinterest board has been a fantastic point of reference for me as I’ve reached each point in my decorative process. From deciding where I should position my desk, how I want the room to function, to shelving, art and styling inspiration, it’s been an invaluable tool and one I use on a daily basis.

This room reflects my style which has certainly matured over the years, particularly since I started working as a freelance stylist. You get to experience the work of some incredible designers and architects and want to find ways to bring some of those elements into your own home, or at least I do. Not one to follow trends, rather to create a home that reflects our own personal style as well as function, I’m keen to live in crisp white spaces with touches of black, greenery and natural materials and finishes.

Before I reveal my new workspace to you, I wanted to share some of the imagery and ideas that have inspired me along with tips to create a room that works for you…

Paint It White

I realise that black and inky blues are fighting back against the swathe of Scandi white walls, but you can’t beat a bright, white canvas for clearing your head and kick starting those ideas. Painting out the wishy-washy Magnolia walls was the very first thing I did. Look at this gorgeous space-it’s fresh and drenched in light. The walls provide an ideal base for moodboarding or a gallery wall.

Clean & Spacious

Although we’re not all blessed with generous, high ceilings like this room, there are simple methods to keep it looking spacious. I can’t work in clutter. Ok, that’s a lie. I often do because I’m awful at being tidy, but I can’t stand to look at it. By keeping accessories to a minimum and utilising your walls, it encourages you to keep your space in check, and you know what they say; “tidy desk, tidy mind…”

Clever Storage

…which brings me onto storage. Do not attempt to buy any storage until you exactly what it is you need. For example, I’m desperate for a set of one of those vintage artist’s flat drawers to keep sheets of paper and card in, but A: I have no space for such a thing and B: I don’t work with large sheets of paper. Nice idea, but not for me. However, I do need small boxes to store and organise receipts, magazine boxes and plenty of pots for stationery. Use your space for a while until you work out what’s missing and take it from there.

Go Au Naturale

I love using natural materials in my home, the less treatment the better. Plywood is an absolute favourite, any wood with a pale appearance and strong grain running through it. The same goes for ceramics, stone and polished metal. My workspace is full of these elements and they work well in a minimal setting, particularly if, like me, you prefer minimal style.

Hope this post has got those creative cogs turning. Planning an office revamp of your own? Check out my Pinterest boards for plenty of stylish inspiration…


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