Getting Plastered With Rooms Made For You

9th February 2015

The Shard Curate & Display blog

Ha. The title got your attention didn’t it? Well, to some extent I did indeed get plastered – last Wednesday on the 34th floor of The Shard no less, but not in the alcoholic sense. I was there to work. Come on, how unprofessional would that be?

I digress. I’d been invited along with a group of fantastic bloggers by Rooms Made For You, a new brand by kings of plaster and construction British Gypsum, to road test some of their incredible new products for the home. And let me tell you – they are actually incredible. Game changers in fact.

British Gypsum Rooms Made For Your Lifestyle Wall Kitchen

Breaking down the boundaries of standard plaster board and walls that won’t take weight of your shelves without a million plugs, the Lifestyle Wall revolutionises the way we use our homes. Allowing you to screw straight into the wall with complete ease without the need for fixings (we had a little timed competition with some screws to test it out) it’s seriously strong stuff. I think it may even save a few marriages. The kitchen above, styled by interior designer Becky Clarke sees it in action. Clever, no?

British Gypsum Rooms Made For You Magentic Plaster Wall Organiser

Although we’re committed to renting for now until we’re ready to buy again, I’m keeping an eye on the features I’d love to have in our home one day and the Magnetic Plaster is one of them. Ideal for kids rooms, office spaces, kitchens-you name it, the plaster goes on in the same way as standard but contains a form of volcanic rock which attracts magnets. Imagine being able to hang pictures without going into the wall at all, organise the family’s activities in a fun way in the kitchen or have an entire wall dedicated to play in the kids room.

The last product that I wish we’d had in our old home (an Edwardian terrace with beautiful-but-noisy wooden floors) was the Silent Floor. The new ‘Quiet Mark’ certified insulation essentially goes into your ceiling to block out any noise from travelling through. Perfect if you have kids and teens in the house – we’ve woken the children up laughing too loudly at the telly before now too.

I think these guys are about to change the way we use our homes for the better-in fact I’m surprised it hasn’t happened a lot earlier. Already being tested in new builds across the country, it’s exciting to see that this might soon become the new standard. Why would you want to bother with the constraints of decorating when these completely free up your creativity? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Thank you to Rooms Made For You for hosting a wonderful morning and to the Shangri-la Hotel for looking after us so well-the views really are breath-taking.

In association with Rooms Made For You.


Love everything on here!

Wish I could persuade the landlord to have that lifestyle walling put in!