New Product Photography E-Book For Beginners

23rd May 2022
Learn how to take better product images with A Beginner's Guide to Product Photography e-book written by stylists and product photographers Tiffany Grant-Riley and Hege Morris.

2022 has been a pretty scary year for me so far – putting myself out there. I started making a few changes to the way I run Curate And Display as I introduced my new product photography and styling services for independent brands from my home studio. As part of that, I’ve collaborated with my wonderful friend and fellow stylist-photographer Hege Morris to write this e-book – A Beginner’s Guide To Product Photography.

We always wanted to run a studio together but, given that she’s in Glasgow and I’m in Kent, the distance kinda makes that impossible. So the next best thing was to collaborate on this book, which we’ve written with love to help small creative businesses and new e-commerce owners (think Etsy shops) style and shoot their own products.

“We know how hard it is to be everything in your business, so we hope our guide will go some way to lifting the myth of creating simple, beautiful product photography that boosts your sales and your confidence.”

Learn How To Elevate Your Brand Visuals

We see so many small brands failing at the first hurdle with their brand imagery – they have such beautiful products, made and chosen with love and carrying stories that the right person would love to find a place for in their home. But then the images just don’t connect. And when potential customers arriving to your online shop take a split second to decide whether or not to linger, making the right first impression really does count!

We’ve designed this 40 page e-book to be a gentle introduction to product photography and styling composition, full of actionable tips you can apply to whatever space you have, whether you’re shooting with a DSLR, mirrorless camera or camera phone. We’ve packed it with simple tips and workbook templates to make it a fun and stress-free experience.

All you need is a sturdy surface, a window and a camera to start!

The E-Book Covers

• What makes good product photography

• Building a useful DIY photography tool kit to help you set up your own ‘home studio’

• Using natural light to take beautiful lifestyle product photography

• How to create your own brand guidelines to inform a visual identity your brand will be known for

• How to use the right props to bring life to your images

• The basics of photography composition to ensure your product is always the hero of every shot

• How to edit your photos and which apps to use.

+ more…

The book is now available to download on ISSUU.

Coming Soon…We Launch Our Product Photography Course!

And in the spirit of doing something different we’ve both been working very hard behind the scenes on our first online product photography course. There’s only so much we could put into the book without causing overwhelm, so the course is more in-depth, guiding you through the process of designing your first product shoot, refining your branding, camera basics, styling composition and culminates in a final course project – styling and shooting your own product shoot.

Watch this space…