The RF200 Minimal Table Lamp From Carl Hansen

14th March 2022
The Carl Hansen Petal table lamp in walnut wood and brushed aluminium styled on a pale wood desk with framed abstract art leaning against the wall. There are colour swatches and material samples of the desk and a hand reaches in to take a graphic design pen out of a ceramic pen pot.

[Advertisement – this feature is part of my on-going paid partnership with Carl Hansen & Søn]

Recently, Carl Hansen & Søn expanded their collection of Danish lighting to include a new minimal table lamp. Created by the award-winning Danish designer Rikke Frost, the RF200 Petal Lamp is her second commission for Carl Hansen & Søn, joining her Sideways sofa which launched last year. And it became indispensable, bringing a cosy atmosphere into our home as we saw out the last days of low winter light.

The warm glow of the RF200 petal lamp designed by Rikke Frost for Carl Hansen & Søn, minimally styled on a pale wood table surrounded by neutral moodboard paint and fabric swatches.

Surprisingly compact, the RF200 lamp has sculptural aesthetic, comprising of a warm wood base and metal shade made from two architectural metal leaves that slide into grooves down the side of the base. Off, it’s a piece of art in its own right. When it’s turned on it emits a beautiful, soft glow reflected from the underside of the shade and back down. Just perfect for simple, ambient light where space is at a premium.

A sculptural, minimal table lamp with a walnut wood base and white aluminium curved leaf shade styled on a stack of beige and neutral books on a modern shelving unit.

Frost drew inspiration from nature for the lamp’s design, taking the trunk and crown of a tree as a starting point, creating a design that feels organic in nature, touching on classic Danish design yet with a contemporary feel. I love that the grain of the wood is allowed to come through, contrasting against the cool expression of the metal.

I was also inspired by big architectural arches and columns, and I was fascinated by the interplay of light through an arch and a curve. The result is a lamp that creates cosy mood lighting, because it illuminates upwards and disperses light downwards through the shades in a circular area.

– Rikke Frost

Front-on view of Danish designer Rikke Frost's new contemporary table lamp, the Petal lamp, styled in a white and neutral Nordic style living room.

A Versatile Design

I really enjoy the versatility of this lamp. It has the ability to enhance any space in the house in a completely understated way. Lightweight and small enough to sit on a windowsill, shelf or a side table, it’s a reliable piece that creates cosy mood lighting without shouting about it.

The Petal lamp’s wooden base and metal reflectors also come in a total of nine variations – from oiled oak and brushed brass, black oak and brushed aluminium to the one I’ve borrowed here in walnut and white aluminium. It’s rare to find a flexible design like this that has the ability to blend into or contrast with your existing interior scheme.

A simple, minimal wood and metal table lamp from the Carl Hansen & Søn lighting collection. The lamp is styled on a pale wood bench alongside a collection of off-white, organic ceramics.

If you love the Petal, you might like to check out the other variations of this Nordic minimal table lamp or take a look at the Carl Hansen M0320 lamp that I styled alongside the table bench.

Prices start from around £240 – check here to find a stockist near you.

A close-up of the metal leaf lamp shade on the Carl Hansen Petal Lamp, designed by Rikke Frost.
The RF200 Petal lamp shows its organic, sculptural form when lit up to create cosy ambient lighting in a corner of this Nordic inspired workspace.

Product Styling & Photography © Tiffany Grant-Riley / Curate And Display