S220 / A Collection Of Nordic Style

26th August 2015


I’ve been a great admirer of Glasgow based interior stylist Hege Morris forever – she has impeccable taste, a real eye for composition and her work always hits the mark. The fact she’s Norwegian may have a little something to do with that (I’m convinced Scandinavians develop style in utero!) So when she gave me a sneak preview of S220, her new online interiors shop, I knew you’d love it as much as I do – the designs are simple and minimal in style with a strong, contemporary feel. From lighting to textiles, magazines to ceramics, this is Nordic heaven. Whilst there’s no shortage of Scandi-inspired homeware stores to choose from now, STwoTwenty is different in that Hege’s selections are for the most part drawn from small, independent designers from across the globe. The collection is considered and shows her deeply rooted understanding and passion for design in the home and how we connect with it.

This week I found a little time to play with some of the new pieces from the collection in our home, so whilst I could happily share the beautiful styled shots from the new S220 site (and I would encourage you to take a good look round!) for the purpose of breaking out of my creative funk, I’m sharing some of mine with you…


The brass candle holder by Nicholas Oldroyd Design comes in an interesting triangular box and almost echoes the lines of a copper table lamp we have in our living space, so I think it might sit well with it there against the black wall. Metallics really lift dark shades (mixed texture is key) and I’m happy to introduce a little on-trend brass into the mix. I love the continuous shape and flow of it and it works by simply pushing the candle onto the spike in the centre (just make sure the candle you use is non-drip).


This hand-held mirror comes from a Korean company called Cool Enough Studio and will be coming with me for my 48 hour jaunt to Munich (more on this next week). Since I found a recent feature in Milk magazine which included plant pots with mirrors attached at different angles as a new way to view and enjoy your plants, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar. On a much smaller scale, I loved that vibrant glimpse of the green leaves of my Peperomia plant far more than looking at the bags under my eyes!



Already well received by stylists and bloggers alike, I have no doubt that S220 will become a regular destination for new and different Nordic design. Well done Hege!

Pictured are: La Bruket hand and body wash, Lysestage brass candle holder, and Cool Enough Studio handheld mirror.

Photography & Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley