Simple Ideas For Natural Nordic Christmas Decorations

13th December 2018

A present wrapping flatlay on my dining table, sharing tips for natural, Nordic Christmas decorations

I know there are a few last-minute kindred spirits out there yet to even start on Christmas preparations. It’s the same every year, I don’t like to plan too far ahead or decorate too soon, it gets boring don’t you think? This year, as with every year, we’re keeping Christmas simple. I like fuss-free, minimal decorations which don’t require a huge amount of effort. My simple tips for natural, Nordic Christmas style should keep you on the straight and narrow when the overwhelm gets…well, overwhelming.

Minimal Gift Wrap

Two simple monochrome black and white wrapped gifts on a table, a very Nordic Christmas.

I’m using plain, recyclable gift wrap in black and white, tying them with garden twine or burgundy satin ribbon. Plain kraft paper also looks beautiful and you can finish them with a sprig of fir tree for a seasonal look. To give my wrap a little extra something, I’ve picked seed heads on one of my walks and carefully secured them under the twine. I’ve used Old Man’s Beard, a wild growing variety of Clematis which you’ll find everywhere at this time of year.

Wrapping gifts on the table with black and white gift wrap, sharing my tips for Nordic Christmas style.

Monochrome Table Decor With A Twist

Festive dressed Edwardian mantlepiece sharing styling tips for Nordic Christmas decorations.

Whereas last year I went for a moody, atmospheric Christmas table, this year calls for a brighter look. Following on from the monochrome gift wrapping, I’ve used a white linen tablecloth for the base along with our black plates and cutlery which gets used every day. I think food looks best on black or white plates, you really can’t go wrong with classic dinnerware. Ultimately, when I’ve spent all that time cooking, I want a quick and simple look that I can bring to the table with a real sense of occasion. This took about 15 minutes, though you might like to get the cuttings ready in advance.

Tip: Think about how you’re going to use the table – will you be serving straight onto plates from the kitchen or leaving your guests to help themselves directly from the table? Which you choose will show you how much available space you have on the table to decorate. As I’m serving from the kitchen, I’ve left room for the centrepiece of candles.

Black, white and gold Nordic Christmas table styling with black plates and cutlery.

A set of gold coasters become a reflective base for off-white church candles, bringing Nordic Christmas style to the table. Nestled between them are cuttings of blue spruce, bought from my local florist, but you could also use cuttings from your own tree once you’ve shaped it.

A minimally styled blue spruce and white candle table centrepiece for a very Nordic Christmas.

Simple, foraged details look extra special. These are ‘samaras’ from ash trees that I’ve painted gold and tucked into natural linen napkins. They continue a subtle touch of gold through from the centrepiece, which I love. Champagne coup glasses are ten a penny now, but I bought our 1940s set years ago when they were quite hard to find. They come out every year now and I love drinking from them, even though what you get in them equates to two mouthfuls!

Subtle Nordic Christmas decorations in these beautiful gold seed heads, tied onto a linen napkin.

Even the mantlepieces get a little attention. Again I’ve used cuttings of spruce across the length and nestled in a trio of candlestick holders on one side. Things always look better styled in threes.

And there we have it. My two cents worth of Nordic Christmas styling tips for this year. I hope my simple suggestions have sparked some activity in you for those last minute touches!

Edwardian mantlepiece styled with three black candlestick, sharing simple Nordic Christmas styling ideas.

Lighting candles on the table I styled in our dining room to share our Nordic Christmas decorations and styling

Natural linen napkins, £6, Arket.

Set of four Ripple glasses, £35, Ferm Living at Amara.

Glattis gold coasters (used as candle bases) £3.75, IKEA.

Fenomen set of 5 white block candles, £4.25, IKEA.

Turini 16 piece black finish cutlery, £95, Habitat.

Black dinner plates, £52 and £56 each for a set of four, Eva Solo.

Givande black and white wrapping paper, £1.75 each, IKEA.

Set of three Fulltalig black candlesticks, £9, IKEA.

Photography & Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley

All so beautiful! Simple but very festive x

Beautiful and simple. I’m inspired, especially with the twine and foliage. X

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