[AD] Slow Moments with the Terra Planter Collection

27th November 2020
Stainless steel planter with a Stingray Alocasia plant and sculptural watering can from the Georg Jensen Terra planter collection on a white mantlepiece.

[This is a paid partnership with Georg Jensen. Pieces from the Terra planter collection were loaned for the purpose].

When Georg Jensen announced the launch of the Terra planter collection, I was intrigued to see how the brand, known predominantly for their silverware heritage would interpret gardening accessories.

One of the best habits I developed about seven years ago was learning to care for houseplants. I find it really grounding taking a few slow moments every day to check on their well-being. I dust off their leaves, remove dead growth, water and repot as I potter around the house. Because it’s important to get out of your own head sometimes, isn’t it?

For modern home gardeners, the look of the pots is just as important. It’s not easy to find elegant planters with a Scandinavian aesthetic. And may I just say, I absolutely love the new stainless steel reversible pots. These tick all the boxes for me!

Stainless steel reversible planter and watering can from the Georg Jensen Terra planter collection on a minimal white living room mantlepiece.

The Terra planter collection is a collaboration between the Norwegian architecture and design house Snøhetta. This nine-piece series of indoor and outdoor pots come in Georg Jensen’s signature mirror-polished steel and a new material, terracotta.

A Norfolk Island Pine potted in a medium terracotte pot from the Georg Jensen Terra planter collection on an oak chest of drawers in a minimal beige bedroom.
Medium terracotta plant pot from the Terra planter collection potted with a Norfolk Island Pine for Nordic winter style.

Inspired by organic forms, the steel planters can be used at either end. Their fluid, tapered shapes allow for greater space for roots at the base and stability in the stems towards the narrow end. I love how the super-reflective steel bounces light off the surface and emphasises the shape of the plant.

Close-up of the leaves of a stingray Alocasia plant inside a stainless steel Georg Jensen planter.

A sleek and functional watering can accompanies the collection, inspired by the flow of water. Its strong silhouette looks totally at home as part of a sculptural display when it’s not being used.

A close-up of the funnel of the stainless steel Georg Jensen Terra watering can against a white wall.
A large potted indoor rubber tree being watered by a stainless steel Terra watering globe by Snøhetta for Georg Jensen.

Do you recognise the rubber tree? This magnificent plant has been a part of our home for seven years now and is possibly my greatest botanical achievement thus far! He’s even been published in a few interiors books. The bay window is the only part of the house he’s truly happy to be owing to the consistent light he needs to thrive.

The stainless steel watering globe gives a sculptural appeal to the pot and dispenses enough water over a 2-3 day period.

A close-up of the leaves of a Ficus Elastica rubber plant and the stainless steel Terra collection watering globe from Georg Jensen.

I hope you love this collection as much as I do. Have you found comfort in amongst your houseplants lately?

Styling and photography © Tiffany Grant-Riley.


These are just divine. They manage to enhance the plants and not take away from THem. Beautiful !

It’s a beautiful collection isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by, Carmel x