Bedroom Renovations | An Update On The Chatham House

15th November 2017

Bedroom renovations, plaster walls, cast iron Edwardian fireplace

Would you believe it’s been an entire year since we moved into The Chatham House? As it’s been some time since I last shared any progress of the house, I thought I’d show you what’s been happening with our bedroom renovations. Firstly, the one decorating task I absolutely love doing turned into the biggest chore of our lives. Stripping wallpaper. I have no idea what paste the previous owners who put all that lining paper up actually used, but let’s just say it was something close to super strength super glue. Wow. No amount of turning the room into a sauna and attacking the walls with super sharp strippers could get it to budge. And you know that where there’s wallpaper, there’s usually a whole host of blown out plaster? Yep, that. Take a look at what lurked beneath…

bedroom renovations, part stripped wallpaper, cheeseplant

bedroom renovations and crumbling plaster walls

Once we’d knocked out all the blown out plaster, we got a fascinating look into the past – right back to the old brick and timber structure and some of the original horsehair plaster. I really do find that fascinating! Unfortunately, what we weren’t quite ready for is the howling gale the lack of plaster between the walls and loft above created during the night as it blew tiny bits of rubble onto the floor.

bedroom renovations, plastering the walls in our Edwardian home.

bedroom renovations, timber and brick frame, plaster walls, Edwardian home.

Goodbye dark purple feature wall – hello holes in the wall!

It took the plasterer all of one day to smooth off the walls, seriously impressive. It’s a little touch-and-go with parts of the walls where the polystyrene coving was as there are still a few small gaps. He recommended we get more coving. You can imagine what I said to that…

bedroom renovations, IKEA makeover, bedroom office, plaster pink walls

A calm and restful corner for me to work in…

But anyway, this is how its been looking since April – admittedly I used an upcoming collaboration for 91 Magazine’s spring issue with IKEA to get the walls done, using that blushing plaster as the perfect backdrop for the project. I turned a corner of our room into a workspace for me and gave the rest of the space an update more fitting to our style. We’ve really loved keeping the walls bare and honestly, I’m reluctant to pick a permanent colour right now. I change my mind constantly between plaster pink, pale grey and mid-blue. The next task will be to sand back and stain the floors with a light white wash to bring out the grain and I’d like to paint the sash windows to blend with the wall colour. When we eventually get round to choosing. Oh, and I’ve never painted sashes before – should I get the pros in? What do you think?

bedroom renovations, IKEA makeover, bedroom office, plaster pink walls

Natural tones and wood grain against blushing plaster walls…

bedroom renovations, IKEA makeover, blue linen bedding, Sinnerlig bamboo light shade

A cosy mix of soft, slubby linen, warm wool throws and bamboo Sinnerlig lighting.

bedroom renovations, IKEA bedroom makeover, blue velvet curtains

bedroom renovations, IKEA bedroom makeover, IKEA home office

bedroom renovations, IKEA bedroom makeover, IKEA home office

bedroom renovations, plaster pink walls, IKEA bedroom makeover

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Photography & Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley


I absolutely love those pink plaster walls hun (leave them!), and the way you’ve repurposed the Ikea Stockholm tray as a mood board backdrop – such a cool idea 🙂

Leave the walls! I love that plaster colour too. Adds a warmth to the room

I love the dark colour of the bedding and curtains, they contrast so beautifully with the plaster walls. The light white washed floors are really going to tie it all together xx

I have to agree with some of the other comments and say that the natural colour of the plaster looks lovely…I’d definitely be tempted to keep it as it is rather than paint over it.

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Totally agree. You should save yourself a job and not bother painting the walls. That blush pink natural plaster looks wonderful. What a lovely space you’ve created

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