Typology Minimal Skincare for The Body

11th May 2021
New minimal skincare body scrubs from Typology, styled in strong shadow on a bed of moss.

[Advertisement – Typology sent me these samples with no obligation to share content, but quite frankly, they’re so good that I had to.]

If you’re new this minimal skincare brand, may I suggest that you get on it immediately? This Parisian-made, all natural and achingly stylish collection for both face and body. Not only does it make an understated impression on your bedside table and your bank account but works a treat on your skin, too.

And it’s not surprising how quickly Typology burst onto the scene in 2019 as the latest creation of the founder of MADE.COM, Ning Li. Though not the first minimal skincare brand to make waves, Typology moves away from chemical loaded formulas and dubious ingredients, focusing on a handful of all-organic, active ingredients. It’s a refreshing back-to-basics, cruelty-free approach, sent out in 100% sustainable packaging. In fact, some of it has just graced my compost bin.

New tube of face scrub with olive squalane from Paris based minimal skincare brand Typology on a bed of green moss.

The range has grown considerably since I dipped my toes in and bought my first product (the Radiance Night serum, if you’re interested). I’ve been road testing the new line of skin scrubs which launched this spring.

I’ll admit that I’m not used to exfoliating on dry skin. And I know that’s a thing – I remember the dry brushing craze in the 2000s. But both the Regenerating Face Scrub and Nourishing Body Scrub require you to work the almond kernel based gel into clean dry skin first. Far easier to do on your face that your entire body but we’re nit-picking here. What’s brilliant about them is the gel works into an oil once rubbed into your skin, transforming into a milky lotion when you add water ready to rinse. And as someone with very dry cheeks and an oily T-zone, finding products that work on both levels is tricky. These are wonderful. No dry, taught skin. It’s gentle, moisturising and a joy to use. They smell good enough to eat. Though don’t. And even Rob agreed with me and his go-to is to shampoo his face. Really.

It’s worth taking the Skincare Test on the site if you’d like to dig a little deeper and try a few products. And if you have your own favourites – I’d love to hear what you’re using too.

New Nourishing body scrub with sweet almond oil from ethical French minimal skincare brand Typology.
Skincare in sustainable minimal style packaging created by French brand Typology.

Styling and photography © Tiffany Grant-Riley.