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21st October 2015


Given that I’ve barely been able to tell my arse from my elbow lately due to work and various commitments, you’ll notice it’s been a little quiet here. I know, I know, I’m sorry-but all will become clear. Promise. With this in mind, today’s post is combining the last two months of Urban Jungle Bloggers topics, ‘Plants & Art’ with ‘Plants & Flowers’

Recently I accidentally gave my phone a bath having whipped it and flipped it out of my back pocket to check the time whilst the kids were soaking off the dirt of the day. Seconds later, I’d fished it out and was burying it in a tub of (brown) rice in the hopes of drawing out the moisture, as Google suggests. As I stood watching it (you know, in case it exploded or whatever) I could see that full camera roll recording our entire summer disappearing forever…and kicked myself for A: having not backed it up and B: printed at least some of them for framing. And I realised that I don’t do that with any of my photographs. Terrible isn’t it? In fact, the impact of that only really hit me when Reuben said “wow mummy, I’ve never seen a photo like that!” when I’d dug out an old family album to show him recently. So for September’s portion of the challenge (‘Plants & Art’) I’ve taken a selection of my plants printed from my Instagram account to play with.


The subject of these images – the ‘flower’ part of October’s challenge…well, I’m not even sure where to begin. These stunning, almost translucent bell-like clutters were foraged from a Pieris Japonica tree not far from here (thank you Instagram family for dispelling the mystery for me!) Their delicate scent is a sweet and subtle mix of honey and mead, the tree vibrating with the hum of an army of bumble bees, even now in the coldest half of October. Can you imagine what the honey must taste like?! It is completely magical. I stood under this tree in light rain one morning, the river just over the wall from me and listened to the sound of the steadily moving water and the singing hum of the bees whilst I took a few clippings.


The fruit the tree bears can only be compared to lychees and although toxic they still look tempting. Starting out an almost translucent white like their flower, they turn from an acid yellow before warming into peach and ruby red. Aren’t they fascinating?


And I love the continuity of these images, as the small jug they sit in was made by hand in the same place. A home from home.


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Photography & Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley

Oh no Tiffany, so you lost all your photos? Do you use Dropbox? If you do, install the app on your phone and all your photos get automatically backed up to Dropbox as soon as you take them so you never have to worry about losing them.
Those plants look stunning! I’m a plant murderer so can’t join in with Urban Jungle Bloggers but I love watching the challenges each month!

Hi Stacey! No, miraculously the phone was completely fine-but lessons were learnt and it got backed up etc. Thanks for the Dropbox tip-didn’t know you could do that, but Cloud does a similar thing right? xx

So, so beautiful. I love the bell shape of that flower and very pleased you were able to find out its name. Such a great idea to print your IG pics, too, and they work perfectly with the plant. Love it all x

Thanks Katy-I’m officially obsessed with it and trying to work out how many years it’d take to grow a small plant to the size of that tree! x

What stunning photography and what an amazing plant the Pieris Japonica is x

Isn’t it a beauty? I’m told they’re more popular in Japan, I’d never seen one before. x

A beautiful and stylish interpretation of two Urban Jungle Bloggers topics in one. Thank you my friend!!

You are most welcome loveliest Igor! xx

Gorgeous styling and you’ve now made me panic about my phone so I better back up my images, asap!

Ari x

Haha yes-back up that phone Ari, now!!! xx

This is SO beautiful, love the styling. Yes i think I need to safely store my pics too! I’m quite the clutz.

Back ’em up quick! xx

Your photography is beautiful! Do you do this yourself? I’m hopeless – my shots are always wonky. I’m so aiming to enter this Urban Jungle this month.

Thanks Maxine-yes, I take all my own photos, although I’m never completely satisfied-still lots to learn. UJBs is such a fantastic community to be a part of, you’ll love it!

Beautiful styling. How frustrating to lose your photos though. I second Stacey’s recommendation of Dropbox.

Thanks Rachel-thankfully I didn’t lose anything, my phone survived it, it was more the thought of losing everything that shocked me into action. Sometimes it takes a jolt like that to get you moving, right?