The Lights Are Green For VIPP

2nd August 2016
New minimalist pendant light by Vipp

Centre of attention / Pendant Light

They may be better known for their iconic pedal bin or kitchen and bathroom accessories, but always at the forefront of classic minimalist design and after 75 years as a household name, Vipp have launched their first lighting collection. And you need to see it, because – Vipp! 

I’d been wondering if lighting might be their next move and I’m far from disappointed with the results. Beautiful. The new collection consists of five strong pieces; the floor and table lamp, ceiling pendant, wall lamp and the small wall spot (see below). Take a look and tell me what you think…

New minimalist pendant light by Vipp

It’s all in the details / Wall Spot

Staying true to their industrial roots, these lights are designed with longevity in mind, using longer lasting LED technology, allowing easy replacement of the bulb without having to replace the whole fixture. Nothing is throw-away here. I can see this series becoming another Vipp classic, with their perforated, powder coated aluminium shades which allow a gentle hint of light through around the edges as well as from the source. They’re adjustable, flexible, made to last.

New minimalist lighting collection by Vipp
[pullquote width=”300″ float=”none”]We make only one kind of each product so you’re not going to see a new collection of Vipp lamps next year. For once you have the essence of good light, what more is there to achieve with a lamp?[/pullquote]

-Kasper Egelund, CEO HOS Vipp

New minimalist table light by Vipp

Work and Play / Table Lamp

Photography courtesy of Vipp.