Warm Amber – The New Nordic Take on a 1970s Classic

16th November 2018
A minimalist Scandinavian living room with a marble coffee table and warm amber glass vase on top

Designed by Andersen & Voll for Menu, the Troll vase explores varying thicknesses of glass.

Not quite mustard yellow or brown and definitely not copper, warm amber home accessories are fast becoming the colour of the moment. Popularised in the 1970s, I’ve noticed its slow and steady return to the Nordic design scene over the past year.

I’m old enough to remember the retro amber, brown and red patterned carpets (we had one once) and it’s oddly comforting to see these colours making a comeback, although definitely not in the same, garish way they did. This reinterpreted version of warm amber is rather apt given that we’re coming into winter now, nature surrounding us by rich, rustic tones.

A graphic print in warm amber and rustic tones mounted on a grey green wall.

Rustic tones and minimal shapes – New Form 3 print via The Poster Club.

How To Work With Warm Amber At Home

I recommend using it as a subtle accent worked in as an accessory. A large vase, glass lamp or throw is just enough to give a hint without going full-on 1970s. This warm shade lends itself beautifully to lighting, as seen in the Louis Poulsen PH 3/2 lamp which comes in a limited edition amber glass shade.

The great thing about amber is its a versatile colour; it stands out against a neutral base and compliments richer, bold colours. The result, of course, will be completely different. I’d style it with seasonal flowers or grasses and perhaps layer a simple throw with similarly toned cushions. I also love to see it paired with brass and marble for a more luxurious feel. 

It’s far harder to get amber right in textiles, predominantly because the colour is taken from tree resin and therefore works best with translucent materials. If you can look for a shade in between orange and brown, you might just have it. Warm Nordic’s mid-century inspired lean chair is near enough spot on with its velvet upholstery and H&M Home recently launched its ‘Sleek Amber’ collection which includes waffle bedspreads and linen cushions. I’ve put together a cheeky round-up too which is well worth a look if you fancy a dabble. 

A sleek and minimal living room with lots of stark shadows and a warm amber velvet sofa.

I would take &Tradition’s Mayor sofa in any colour. This warm amber upholstery makes a statement.

So tell me, am I way off the mark with amber, or are you warming to it?

Warm amber home accessories round-up

| 1 | Orlo table top mirror, Another Brand | 2 | Amber Troll Vase, Menu | 3 | Kasbah Eau De Parfum, 19-69 | 4 | No-Pi-No-Pi stackable vase, New Works | 5 | Marimekko Urna vase | 6 | Anise Patchouli candle, Compagnie de Provence | 7 | Lean back lounge chair, Warm Nordic | 8 | Ewer Champagne glass and brass lamp, MADE.COM | 9 | AYTM amber globe vase | 10 | Cafe au lait collar vase, Cooee |11| Waffled double bedspread and stemmed bowls, H&M Home |12| Limited edition Louis Poulsen PH 3/2 lamp in amber

••stockists correct at time of publication.