A Beautiful Black Wall

11th May 2015


So I realised that I hadn’t shared the results of our new black wall with you. Normally I’d prefer to wait until I’ve chosen all the art for the wall before I shared it with you but I thought, seeing as I’ve recently shot this part of our living space for the “project” I mentioned, that you might like to see it how it looks right now. Not finished. But nearly.

First of all, can I just give Valspar massive high fives for the paint. Yes. You beauties. I tested three different brands including the stalwarts of the designer paint world in four different shades of black and their flat black La Plancha’ in Premium came out on top. There are no subtle blue or brown undertones to this shade, just pure matt black in any light. The coverage is excellent and the paint is just the right consistency, really smooth even on this wall which is slightly textured. Two coats. Done. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just really impressed.


As per my mission here I’ve achieved what I set out to do (hide the God awful TV) and I’m loving the way it looks now, intentionally hidden against the wall rather than jumping out on bright white. Sometimes, depending on what you’re watching, it’s like a piece of art in itself.

This area of the room is far from dark being right next to the front window, and I’m playing to that accessorising with polished copper and brown glass to pick up on the light. The almost orange tan wood of the sideboard has really brought it into its own too, picking it out as a feature in the room now, the focal point it needed being such a long and narrow space.


Have you seen this beautiful Kew Forestry botanical print by Alicia Galer on my IG feed? When I first saw it, I leapt up and ran up to Rob’s office to show him. “That’s nice…” he said. Nice????! I’m using it as the jumping off point for the other pieces to follow; abstract, minimal colour with perhaps a plant based story running through. Having discovered her on Instagram a few weeks ago and unable to find this particular print for sale anywhere (it was out of stock in Anthropologie) I got in touch and she very kindly rushed one out to me in time to shoot it (thanks Alicia!) I love her use of abstract shapes, the greens, the frenetic movement, yet still calm…Cannot wait to collect more of her work. For now, I’m enjoying playing around with the rest of the wall space moodboard style, pinning up snippets from magazines and lookbooks, keeps it fresh and interesting.


So that’s it. A little preview of the TV wall as it is right now. Are you feeling it? Trying really hard not to paint any of the other walls black now as much as I’m desperate to…I keep eyeing up the kitchen, but I think we’re leaving that…

Styling & Photography © Tiffany Grant-Riley


Wasn’t that a White Strips song?..oh wait…

Thank you Mariela, so lovely to see you here 🙂 xx

Love that table lamp with the copper base – is it from John Lewis?

One of Lane’s monochrome pendant lampshades would look so great hanging against this wall 🙂


Hello, I’m in the United States and trying to locate this color, “La Plancha”. It looks amazing!! However, I cannot find it here at any of the paint stores that sell Valspar or locate it in their database! Any information would help. Thanks so much

Hello Ryna-thanks for stopping by 🙂 I have tweeted Valspar UK for you to ask them. If I have no luck though, have you looked at ‘Carbon Copy’ by Benjamin Moore? Not quite as black as La Planca though. Is there a colour match service available to you?

Amazing how the TV has just disappeared into the wall. How clever. I hate having a TV on display and my husband insists on a large one. But painting the wall black is a genius idea for camouflaging it. Love it!!

Thanks Stacey-yes! I’m all for getting rid of it to be honest and don’t much like the idea of having a unit built to hide it…so the black paint was a no brainer! Will you be trying this too? 😉

lovely! the black wall rules and that artwork is stunning!

Stunning! I painted my little boy’s wall in black chalkboard paint and while it is nowhere near as stylish as yours, I do love the colour! Beautiful with the copper accents too x

LOVE this Tiff. I’m just trying to decide whether to be brave and paint the wall in my nook of a studio charcoal. You are making it VERY appealing! xx

Ahh Fiona I miss that black wall every day-we had to paint it out when we moved, but I’m waiting to decide where I might be able to work in a new element of black in the new house. Definitely do it! xx

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