Plico Chair – Foldable Lounging by Carl Hansen & Son

6th June 2022
The award winning FK11 Plico chair by Carl Hansen & Søn styled and shot in the minimal home of stylist-photographer Tiffany Grant-Riley.

[AD – this post is a paid advertisement as part of my on-going partnership with Carl Hansen & Søn]

I’m almost ashamed to say that I’ve had this beautiful Carl Hansen & Søn lounge chair folded away in its box for a few months. In my defence, it goes to show how well this foldable lounge chair tucks away that made me forget it was even there. Please forgive me. Because no one should put this baby in the corner, even if it was designed with space saving in mind…

Meet the FK11 Plico by Fabricius & Kastholm

A statement chair for modern living, the FK11 Plico was first presented to the world in 1964 by Danish design duo Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm. Taking its name from the Latin word ‘plico’ – to fold, the chair can be folded up when it’s not being used. But whereas some flat-pack style furniture fall flat (excuse the pun) the Plico holds on to its elegant, Nordic aesthetic. Not surprising that Carl Hansen & Søn won a BoBedre award last year with it when it became the newest addition to their collection of Danish design classics.

Can we talk about that utterly gorgeous quilted linen canvas seat against that oak frame?

A foldable statement chair with Nordic charm - Carl Hansen & Søn's award winning Plico, designed as a space saving lounge chair.

Each detail reveals itself to you as you unfold it. And I found something new with every shot I took. From the brass hinged front leg secured with brass bolts under the seat, the gentle curve in the oak legs where they touch the floor, to the stitched saddle leather arm rests. It’s just an exquisite piece of design.

The detailing on the Plico chair's natural linen canvas seat pads and saddle leather arm rests.

It’s rare to find this level of versatility in a lounge chair. Or at least, I think it is. Firstly, it’s a testament to Fabricius & Kastholm’s foresight to design a chair that doesn’t have to be there all the time. You know, a lounge chair is a pretty hefty commitment up there with your sofa. And when the way we use our homes changes as we grow, having the flexibility to just fold this one away takes away some of that weight.

Secondly – I love to see the mechanism out on show. To see how the oak frame pivots inside visible brass fittings when you tilt the adjustable rest back into position. It looks like it belongs here in my living room and I honestly wish it was staying. This is a sit back with a good book kinda chair – supportive but totally loungable. In other words, style doesn’t trump the function here, my friends.

Gorgeous oak and stitched linen canva folding lounge chair in a minimal, neutral Nordic style living room.
Curved oak feet on the FK11 Plico chair designed by Fabricius & Kastholm, reissued by Carl Hansen & Søn.
A close-up of the beautiful saddle leather stitched arm rests on the award winning Plico chair, styled with a rustic terracotta vase and white wildflowers.

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Prices start from £1,900. Check your local stockist for more information.

Product photography & styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley.