10 Best Sculptural Candles

10th November 2020
An array of peach and plaster coloured tall sculptural candles with twists and ridges, designed by The Floral Society on a marble backdrop.
Sculptural Candles by US brand The Floral Society, from £20.00 at A New Tribe

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Whether you choose to light them or leave them on display (and the jury’s out for me) there’s no denying the visual appeal of sculptural candles.

Yes, the humble candle has under-gone quite the transformation. Perhaps as a result of our spending more time at home, this essential part of setting the mood is pulling out all the stops.

What started as an array of coloured tapers which could be carefully matched to any shade of tablecloth or dish has now worked turned its focus to shape. Candles are now art, working their way into our homes as the perfect double-duty styling prop for coffee tables, shelves and of course, the dining table. You can’t but help wax lyrical about them. Yes, I really did say that.

A collection of warm spice and grey coloured arching sculptural candles from the Bend and Fungi collection at Broste Copenhagen.
Architectural shapes of Broste Copenhagen’s ‘Bend’ and ‘Fungi’* candles, via Trouva.

From twisted wax tapers, mould poured shapes and lathe sculpted architectural forms, our tables and mantlepieces have never seen so much fanfare. And whilst some are definitely a luxury statement, they’re an undeniably gorgeous piece to treat yourself to.

Here’s my edit of ten of the best sculptural candles to get you started…

A shopping page of neutral and black sculptural candles with a minimal aesthetic.
  1. White coconut scented soy wax ‘Knot’ candle, designed by Korean design studio Honey Flamingo. £42.00, Alkemi Store. *
  2. Organic soy wax and beeswax blend Andrej Urem candle. £39.00, COS. *
  3. Lex Pott Twist candle. £24.00, Kin Home.
  4. Broste Copenhagen two wick ‘Bend’ candle in grey. £30.00, Wild Swans at Trouva.*
  5. Green/black Totem candle designed by Grain. From £14.50, A New Tribe.
  6. Soft white Tallow candle by Ontwerpduo. £18.00, Inside Store.
  7. Ivory Templo candle sculpture by Barcelona based brand Octaevo. £28.00, La Gent.
  8. Set of two Maison Balzac Volute candles in Sable. £15.00, La Gent.
  9. Goober candle by Areaware. £27.00, Selfridges.*
  10. Molecule sculptural candle by Andrej Urem. £45.00, Monologue London.

Which leaves the question – which one’s for you?


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