My Summer of Linen

8th July 2015


A few weeks back I spent a jaw slackeningly relaxing evening with the Soak&Sleep team (remember this post?) at boutique hotel Artist Residence. During the course of the night we experienced a bespoke pillow consultation – a unique service S&S can provide to help you get over your pillow rut based on your sleeping habits. Amazingly, having spent years wrestling with two deflated feather things and it still not feeling “right”, I was pared up with this latex baby and I will not be separated from it. Ever. If you do one thing for your bedroom this summer, make it this!

Today we’ve got the results back from our sleep survey and some of them are really interesting, for example 41% of you want to create a relaxing sanctuary in your rooms, not just for sleeping in but to kick back in too. Our bedroom has become just that for me in recent weeks and whilst I can’t spend much time relaxing in the mornings, the evenings are all mine. With these bright and balmy nights we’ve been enjoying lately, I’ve been using those few post-bedtime hours once the kids are asleep to catch up on some reading, do a little learning and maybe try to find some inspiration. Believe me, after my last post, I’ve needed it.


I’ve brought in a few sprigs of just opened lavender from the garden, have a few healthier snacks to hand when I’m tempted and there’s crisp, cool linen on the bed. I think I’m having a love affair with linen right now-I’ve always loved the crinkles it holds so well and how it softens over time. Have you tried it yet?

I try not to use any technology in our room if I can to help cut out unnecessary distractions, much like the 30% of you who agree with me. Apart from a little music, it’s great to have the headspace to concentrate on something that isn’t online. And I’ve made a few recent discoveries that have helped to get me going again. One is an incredible book by choreographer Twyla Tharp, which explores the creative process through her own and other artists’ work. The Creative Habit. You need this in your life, my goodness yes.


On our way home at Toulouse airport a few weeks back I bought a copy of Ideat magazine which had a huge feature on Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. I’d never seen his work before and was instantly taken with it. His ‘Keyhole’ and ‘Grief’ series look to capture private moments as if you were observing them from a distance or coming upon them by accident. Most are shot in home environments, with a nod to Mid Century style and although they’re a little uncomfortable, I think they’re beautiful.




So tell me, how do you create a sanctuary in your own room? Maybe it’s all about the bedding or it’s locking yourself away with a good book?

Soak&Sleep - Better Sleep survey infographic JUNE 2015

This post is in collaboration with Soak&Sleep.

Styling & Photography © Tiffany Grant-Riley
Infographic courtesy of Soak&Sleep.