[AD] Heal’s Sustainable Edit Brings Spring with LSA Canopy Collection

19th February 2020
Two clear glass bulb planters from the LSA Canopy collection in a minimal, Nordic inspired beige bedroom.

[Advertisement – select pieces from the LSA Canopy collection have been gifted by Heal’s as part of their ‘Recycle Remade’ campaign.]

In the last week, I’ve noticed the garden start to come out of hibernation. That subtle glimpse of the promise of spring. And goodness knows we are READY for it. YES! So when my good friends at Heal’s asked if I’d like to style select pieces from the LSA Canopy collection as part of their 2020 Sustainable Edit, it was an easy yes.

A minimal shot of a hyacinth bulb sitting in a bulb vase from the LSA Canopy collection.

This year more than ever, Heal’s are carrying the responsibility towards caring for the environment by championing products that are produced with recycled materials. Launching their full Sustainable Edit in March, their ‘Recycle Remade’ homeware range features the iF Design Award 2019 winning LSA Canopy collection.

Known for their glassware LSA have designed this collection in collaboration with the Eden Project, centred around the concept of propagation and hydration. Made from 100% recycled glass and sustainable cork, Canopy has a really fine feel to it. The glass is quite thin with occasional air bubbles, adding to the wabi-sabi, recycled appeal. Featuring low and tall vases and bulb planters, self-watering planters and terrariums, Canopy encourages the use of self-sufficient gardening, perfect for bringing nature into the home.

Canopy Vase / Bulb Planter, from £18.00

Looking down onto a hyacinth bulb sitting in a glass bulb planter on a bedroom chest of drawers.

It’s impossible to resist the heady fragrance of Hyacinths this time of year. I like to keep a potted cluster of bulbs in the house when I remember to pick some up from the garden centre. I’ve styled a couple of bulbs on our Morten chest of drawers in our bedroom (also from Heal’s) which will bloom white in a few days. You can leave most of the soil around the root ball if you like but I’ve rinsed most of it away, threading the longers roots into the bottom of the vase.

Canopy Self-Watering Planter, from £36.00

A bright, white sunroom breakfast table laid with LSA Canopy tumblers and a self-watering planter from the LSA Canopy collection.
Low tumblers from £28.00 for four.

Another spring favourite of mine is the evergreen Hellebore or ‘Christmas rose’. It has a long flowering period over winter, brightening up the border when other flowering plants are dormant. I’ve got them in the sunroom now, sitting in the self-watering planter. A clever hydration system made of two parts, a piece of rope connects the soil-filled planter on top to the water well beneath allowing the plant to draw up moisture as it needs it.

White Hellebores and snowdrops bringing spring to a white Scandinavian sunroom, planted in an LSA Canopy collection planter.
A mix of delicate snowdrops and hellebores bring spring into the sunroom.

Every part of this collection has been considered, right down to the minimal packaging, made from recycled card and printed with organic vegetable ink.

Canopy Closed Garden, £40.00

A monochrome sunroom is home to a closed humidity fern garden on top of a Normann Copenhagen Block Trolley in black.

Inspired by the shape of the Biomes at the Eden Project, I used the Closed Garden to create a humid space for small spider plants and maidenhair ferns. Using a thin layer of gravel for drainage, I added a layer of sphagnum moss to help retain moisture before topping it with a good layer of houseplant compost. Once I’d pruned and planted everything in, a good spritz of water before closing the lid would provide the plants with the right level of humidity, light and temperature in their final spot in the sunroom. I’m excited to see them thrive in the coming months!

The Closed Garden with a cork lid from the LSA Canopy collection sits on top of a black metal trolley in a minimal Nordic sunroom.
Black metal trolley styled with gardening props and an abstract face line drawing by Mette Handberg.

Photography and Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley.